Does a PMP Professional need Scrum Master Certification – Part 1


As Per Current Syllabus

Experts say that once you are a PMP Certified Professional candidates doing scrum master would be an added advantage if you are getting an opportunity to work on specific Scrum Project. According to the experts and as per the current syllabus of PMP since the 2021 PMP Exam and since the time complete 7th Edition PMBOK Guide is aligned with it, Almost 50% portion is based on agile as its product development methodologies, however the point to note here is current PMP syllabus will focus on the overall agile process or methodologies and not Scrum as the specific product development methodology although Scrum is also covered as one of the agile methodologies in the syllabus. PMP look up.

However there may be many projects which demand knowledge of specific Scrum as a product development methodology, in that case it is advisable to go for Scrum Master Certification as well. Scrum Master is a very easy certification to do compared to PMP, as its level of difficulty is not even 10% of what PMP Exam is. So normally the candidates complete Scrum Master Certification first and gain confidence by bagging one certification in their kitty. Another important point to note is PMP is kind of long term goal of one’s career development and it covers a much broader scope compared to Scrum Master Certification. So definitely one should go for PMP Certification eventually for career growth and its associated salary hike. How long is the PMP exam?

Also one needs to analyze that PMP Certified people have scope of handling projects of any domain and technology where the principles, best practices and processes remains the same, however for a Scrum Master Certified Professional the scope of implementing and end-to-end Project Management principles, best practices and processes is limited. PMP pass score.

Awareness among Senior Management and PMI

Senior Management also needs to understand and need to take into account the primary hurdles or challenges project managers encounter in understanding how to gel agile and traditional project management in the right mix and quantity and proportions to fit correctly in a given situation. The scenario before 2021 PMP Exams was PMI was considering agile and traditional project management as independent and separate identities and independent domains of knowledge with negligible integration between the two. It was ideally left up to each project manager’s discretion to get them or put them together. All that has changed now, even PMI’s above perception, PMI very well understands that agile and traditional project management methodologies need to have a co-relation between each other and that they should complement each other. PMP lookup.

That is the reason the concept of hybrid project management (combination of agile and traditional project management came into existence and PMI did not waste time in implementing this concept into their syllabus to stay afloat in the market to attract more and more project managers to go for PMP Certification. PMI realized that many projects which are unique in its own way require the hybrid model of project management. PMP costs.

Candidates Go For Multiple Certifications

Many professionals don’t want to keep any loose ends and they go for all certifications related to project management, however the sequence might differ in each ones case. Some of them got scrum master certification before other certifications and where they were already having PMP before that. You can put it in following analogy that PMP certification is the captain of the ship and SMC is kind of follows thereafter, since its focused on a subset of the overall project management effort. PMP passing score 2021.

To look from the practical point of view if one is looking for project manager to supervise or oversee any agile related work in the project or simply try to bridge the gap between PMP and agile which almost everyone should aim for, will he care if they have scrum master certification under their belt? Ideally yes and will not stop that only but would also consider if they have an experience working as a scrum master. This signifies that candidates have been in the deep hole with the scrum team and try and completely understand use of scrum best practices. In today’s practical world having just the certification without any hands on experience is of less value and interest to the employers and hiring managers. So if any candidate is expecting to have any opportunity come its way to play a role of a scrum master as a substitute if your role is more as a project manager, then once needs to complement that with the certification. However if one does not expect to ever become a scrum master merely doing just certification is of no value or benefit. PMP passing score.

Benefits of Certified Professionals

In many organizations employers require that a PMP or scrum master playing the role be a certified professional. It’s basically to encourage more people from the organization of group or project teams to get certified as well, to ensure the implementation of best practices across the entire project and many other parallel projects which are going on in the organization. It’s like building a culture of best practices, principles and processes across the organization once they see the effectiveness of a particular project and its success because there are more certified professionals working on those projects. PMP verify.

If someone is already PMP and Scrum Master Certified, it has as you know many benefits which one enjoys. As a PMP professional he or she knows the overall project management in a traditional way and need to understand how incremental and iterative approach to project work. Scrum Master will give you detailed know how of how one can implement this approach using strengths and benefits of the same. PMP certification cost India.

Today’s development methodology in the world market is most organizations are moving towards agile and scrum, in this scenario it becomes all the more important to know the fundamentals of agile way of working over and above the traditional in depth which already exists as PMP. PMP cost.



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