How Long One Should Be Studying For The PMP Certification Exam?


As all of the candidates are aware, to be eligible for appearing for the PMP Certification Exam one has to attend the mandatory training of 36 Contact Hours. Post that one can decide how much time he or she has to devote for studying for the preparation of the PMP Exam.

Normally we suggest a period of 2 months for complete study as part of the preparation for the PMP Exam. Considering all are working professionals and it is very challenging and demanding to spend more time for studies in parallel to their office work. Daily 2 hours is what one may need to spend for 2 months apart from their daily office work to prepare for the PMP Exam.

PMP Exam difficulty level is high and one must not take it for granted by studying for some days with minimal hours, he or she will crack the PMP Exam. It requires proper focus and commitment for those 2 months’ time to fully prepare for the PMP Exam. How hard is the PMP Exam?

Often it becomes quite challenging after initial days of proper study to maintain the same schedule and routine of study and that’s where majority of the candidates falter and give up studying, which in any case should not happen as far as possible.

As a student has spent time and money undergoing training, should be quite vigilant that unless that training is supported with proper and ample studies, it’s not going to help them in their career to that extent? If its 50% weightage to take training and start implementing it in your day to day project work, the other 50% weightage is given to have the certificate in hand. Many organizations will give preference to certified professionals during hiring than non-certified people for the project management role. Is the PMP Exam hard?

Is it only about getting trained and contented? Also from the institute point of view, more and more candidates giving the exam and passing is more important that with people just taking training and leaving without studying or appearing for the certification exam. The success of the institute will lie in making everyone appear for the PMP Exam post training. How hard is the PMP?

Our institute will always have a follow up procedure post training reaching to each and every candidate who have completed the training to check if they have started studying for the PMP Exam. If not we check with their issues and concerns related to not starting to study yet and arrange for weekly support call to address their questions and queries. Is PMP hard?

Also for candidates who are little apprehensive about opening up in group calls, they can contact our trainer one-on-one basis for them to feel more comfortable to ask questions.

Almost 90% of the times the issue lies in the finance available for the PMI Membership and PMP Exam Fees, because that is where the major chunk of money is required, and exactly this is where the candidates hesitates to spend money. Because they feel that in spite of spending so much amount for exam and membership if they don’t get time to study and clear the exam then they will have to spend more money for re-appearing the exam. Is the PMP hard?

Our institute will make sure that unless and until the candidate has gained confidence to appear for the exam and based on his or her mock test score we will give our green signal to the candidate to appear for the final exam. No matter how much time each individual might take to be fully prepared for the exam, because we understand the criticality of clearing the exam in the very 1st attempt itself. PMP Certification Online.

Ideally while the training is fresh in your mind one should start studying for the exam with daily 2 hours at least for 2 months and if there is a challenge to spend time for study on weekdays then try and utilize your weekend time for studying where most of the candidates might have off from their office work. The chances of clearing the exam are much more if the study happens in continuity of the training for PMP.

Once there is a gap between training and starting to prepare for the study then it becomes very difficult to re-focus and start studying because there are lot many tasks get lined up from office front and then the time to study just goes to the back seat and eventually dies down. Also it’s not just about studying for a particular period of time, what’s more important is focus study. If you plan your studying time table for the day for those 2 months it will really help you to focus and study and more importantly finish the studies within that time you allotted for yourself. PMP Certification Online.

Many a times the candidates get direction less once their training is over, they don’t get the required support and assistance and the right direction for the ways and methods of how to prepare for the exam once the training is over. If training is important for the PMP exam, I feel giving support and assistance and guiding the candidate in the right direction is much more important post training. PMP Certification Online.

Our institute focuses equally on training as well as giving post training support and assistance till the time the candidate clears the certification successfully. When a candidate is studying for the exam his or her day to day working experience is very useful to analyses the type of questions that are expected in the exam. As the questions in the exam are based on the case studies and / or practical or real life situations, a candidates experience very much comes into picture for analyzing the correct options to the questions asked. PMP Certification Online.

Also important is to make the candidates aware of the do’s and don’ts during the exam and while they are studying for the exam. The study should not be too less nor too more. Many candidates are clueless as to how much they should study for the exam, and just out of the fear for the exam they keep on studying and referring books and videos which may not be necessary to actually study. If you study optimally, that means study only what is required one can save a lot of time and energy. PMP Certification Online..

As PMI has rightly included in their one of the eligibility criteria to appear for the PMP exam, that is 4500 hours (which can be equivalent to almost 3 years) of leading and directing projects experience, which maybe direct or indirect. For PMI the designation does not matter as it varies from organization to organization and as per the hierarchy policy of the company. What matters to PMI defining this eligibility criteria is what roles and responsibilities you carry out on a day-to-day basis to be eligible to appear for the exam.

As that is where the candidate gains the actual experience on project management, PMI have purposely included this criteria as they know that during the exam the questions are based on case studies or practical / real life situations or scenarios and this is where the candidates experience is going to come into picture to select the most correct option out of the given 4 to 5 options since all the options are more or less correct and there is not a single option which is obviously wrong. The challenge actually lies to select the most appropriate and most logical option to the given question.

With the current pattern of PMP exam there can be more than one correct options to be selected which are given in the options like a & b OR b & c likewise, so this indicates there are more than one options correct for that particular question.

Preparation time for PMP exam is a very tricky concept as its not fixed and keeps on varying from individual to individual. It’s all about how much time a candidate is able to devote for studies post training. Our normal bench mark is a candidate should at least be able to spend couple of hours daily for at least 2 months for studies to secure above target grade in the certification exam. There are candidates who are not able to devote time during weekdays because of their office work deliverables and schedule. PMP Certification in Pune.

However they try to cover up the lost time of studies on weekends when they study for at least 4 to 5 hours per day for 2 days of weekend, in addition they also utilize their time for studies when they are on leave or when they have a holiday to the company etc. so basically its up to an individual to decide how he or she is going to manage their time schedule for the PMP exam preparation. As nobody wants to just take the training and spend money for it unless they get certified, that is where the importance and benefit of doing PMP Certification lies.

Some candidates implement a very unique way of studying for the PMP exam, once they take the official training of 36 hours they would try and get approval or permission from their senior management to conduct unofficial or casual training sessions for their own potential team leaders or project managers. This gives them an advantage of gaining knowledge on the job for judging the right options to the questions in the exam. Also every individual has his or her own thought process and hence different set of questions are asked during these sessions, which actually help the candidate to gain knowledge and experience as to coming to a logical conclusion in selecting a particular option to question as each participant in the training put forth their own perspective to a particular topic or subject or point of discussion.

There should be more and more innovative and unique ways to keep the studies going as part of the preparation for the PMP exam. Today’s candidates have become more and more aware that instead of the age old stereo typical ways of boredom studies, if you make it more exciting by having a practical and pragmatic approach to studies, it will keep the interest of candidate going to study.

In one year of PMI Membership a candidate can attempt the PMP exam 3 times, however there is no time span defined as to when a particular attempt has to be taken, even a candidate can actually aim for a single attempt and clear the PMP exam in one go or with proper study and preparation. This would actually save some money for the candidate as PMI will charge for every attempt a candidate takes for giving the exam. Although the amount for 2nd and 3rd attempt is not as much as the 1st attempt exam fees. Our institute aims at focusing on the efforts of candidates to clear the exam in the very 1st attempt itself, which is the way the entire end-to-end support and course material, relevant examples are designed and a complete mentoring and direction is given to each and every student to focus on clearing the exam with above target score in the PMP Exam.

Our suggestion to every aspiring candidate for PMP Certification would be study optimally and in continuation with your training and it should be focused towards solving questions analytically and time management is extremely important while attempting the exam as it should be absolutely time bound.


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