Is It a Better Idea To Go For PMP Certification Now?


Awareness, Passion and Being Eligible for PMP Certification

As everyone is aware that one needs to clear the eligibility criteria for appearing for the PMP Exam first. There would be many articles online, which would tell you about when is the right time to go for the PMP Certification. Many experts would let you know that the best time to go for PMP Certification Exam would be as soon as possible, and more importantly one need to make that “as soon as possible” now, OR it’s going to be NEVER kind of situation. Value of PMP Certification.

There are always going to be important and critical things and situations coming up in your professional career and personal life. One needs to raise his bar beyond those critical situations, which I would call as challenges and try as hard as possible to focus on your career growth along with maintaining work life balance. PMP Certification value.

Although considering the eligibility criteria and your work experience, experts feel that the time of your professional phase. Is where you enter into a leadership role where you are looked upon to guide, mentor your team, and take sole responsibility of the projects handed over to you for managing, should be the most appropriate time to go for PMP Certification. What is the value of PMP Certification?

Managing Projects Effectively!

PMP Certification is all about managing the entire project from start to end and whatever stages which come in between the start and end of a project. You get to learn the best practices of handling the projects effectively in terms of proper planning, effectively managing the time frame given for a particular project, hiring the optimum number of (not too less, not too more) people with the right skill sets for the project, effectively managing the project within the allotted budget for the project. Last but not the least maintaining the required quality and productivity of the project is as important as other steps in the project. Is a PMP worth it?

Category of Candidates Aspiring for PMP Certification

There are 3 categories of professionals, which we tend to see when it comes to doing the PMP Certification, the 1st category of professionals would be the ones who are very pro-active and sensitive towards the career growth and are waiting for the opportunity of the moment they become eligible for doing this certification. Generally, this category of professional is career growth and its associated salary hike is very fast. Value of PMP.

The 2nd category of people would be those who start to get the feeling that in spite of spending sufficient time in the project management field they do not have their due from the company management and their growth in the company is quite stalled and moving at a very slow pace, which causes frustration in them. These professionals start making up their mind to move to another organization for increasing their chances of advancing their career growth and salary and for that, they feel the need of doing Certifications like PMP. Which is correct thought process as far as their career growth and salary hike is concerned. Benefits of PMP Certification.

The 3rd category of professionals would be the ones which are at their fag end of their careers, with a heavy experience of almost more than 20~25 years and are wanting to just cruise along the road to retirement. Their desire to keep learning may not be that strong as it would be in a professional who has just started his or her career. However, any organization would always want their employees keep giving output no matter at what position they are at or how many years of experience they had in that particular organization. These professionals pursued by companies to get the certification done if they want to retain their position or for that matter even their job in the organization. So even if not wanting to go for certification since they are very well aware that it’s not going to make much of a difference to their career at this point of time, they would reluctantly go for it. Should I get my PMP?

Need To Go For PMP Certification

Since PMP is a highly reputed certification in the information technology and project management domain, it is a reflection of investment of time and money by an individual to increase your knowledge and further your skills in a competitive workplace. Experts strongly recommend distinguished and experience project managers who have not done PMP Certification yet should apply for it immediately, as it has many external positive requirements it has for yourself and your organization. First knowing that your organization has you and other PMPs, may increase the business prospects for the company. As an individual, you will be facing the new age methodology of project management and that surely will increase yours and your team’s productivity. The respect one can gain by obtaining this certification also can increase your status in your company and even put your career on fast track progression.

Opening Doors to Opportunities!

PMP Certification is also a good way to step into the door of opportunities as it is seen that organizations give priorities to individuals carrying PMP Certification during the hiring process. Opening career opportunities to upgrade oneself to larger companies and fatter paycheque. Most important that your certification highlights your professional commitment, greater level of know how attained and it gives an impression that you are always looking to better yourself by learning newer things. PMP requirements experience. PMP Certification benefits.

Valuing PMP Certification!

Value is always something an individual looks upon the way it is. It also depends on what you look forward to and what you want to become in the future. A benefit can eventually turn itself into value if utilized the right way otherwise this benefit has no value. The PMP Certification has become more valuable than before from 2021 with the inclusion of agile into it. As almost 50% of the exam questions will be based on agile as per the current revised and new syllabus. PMP experience requirement. Benefits of a PMP Certification.

When Is The Right Time to Go For PMP Certification?

There is no better time than NOW for PMP Certification and not anytime in the future, once you are eligible for it, have spent that minimum number of years into project management stream, and want to pursue your career into project management only. PMP adds a lot of value to your knowledge on project management and is a clear indication to your employers about your aspirations and goals in your future. PMP experience requirements. Benefits of PMP.

Why PMI Felt the Need to Upgrade the PMP Syllabus

With the increasing demand in agile product development and primarily through Scrum as a Product Development methodology, PMI realized that without the change in framework and change of syllabus, PMP Certification is not going to just survive on traditional project also called as Waterfall model of Project Management, so they accordingly changed the framework including the syllabus and now they are actually seeing the difference in terms of more and more people are opting for PMP Certification now than before, as far as understanding of concepts is concerned, agile and scrum concepts are more easy to grasp and understand than pure traditional project management. So the candidates started realizing that we can now clear PMP Certification with above target or at least on target with the inclusion of agile portion into the syllabus. What is a PMP Certification worth?

In fact the recent figures have shown that the number of people who are attempting the PMP Certification Training and Exam are way more than people who had attended before the PMP 2021 Exam, as the sole reason being the growth in demand for PMP Certified professionals across the globe and also the candidates see a glimmer of hope and are becoming confident that they will be able to clear the exam if they attend the training and study with focus for the exam. PMP benefits.

MNC’s Value PMP Certification More!

In fact MNC Companies are more critical and particular about having Certification first, their first and foremost priority is Certification and then comes the domain experience. In my opinion almost 50% weightage is given to certification and remaining 50% is given to work experience. Many MNC companies have a compliance and they make it mandatory while posting job requirements that *Only PMP Certified Professionals should apply*. This indicates the importance a PMP Certification has in the world market today. Does PMP Certification help.

So many of the experts would say that it’s the best idea to go for PMP Certification rather than just saying it’s a better idea, because they know the importance of having PMP Certification for career growth and its associated salary hike. Value should always be treated by an individual to judge for himself or herself, it entirely depends on what you basically look forward to be doing in your career. A benefit can always turn into a value if you can make a proper use of it in your professional career, otherwise this leverage or benefit turns out to be of no value for you.

If you are looking forward of making a career in project management, then PMP Certification definitely has value even more NOW than BEFORE. PMP Certification definitely enhances your chances of job prospects in Project Management, else for better performance you could just learn the concepts of Project Management and apply in your day to day work to improve the health of the project in terms of productivity & quality, delivering it with the given time frame and fitting it into the given budget for it.

PMP Certification Continuity!

PMP salary increase. It is not just important to get PMP Certified, it is equally important to maintain the active standing of the certificate throughout your professional career of Project Management, one needs to take part in the continuing certification requirements conducted by PMI. A candidate is expected to earn 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) every 3 years, getting PMP renewed every 3 years increases your employability, wide recognition in the industry and to increase you’re earning potential. Surveys done across the globe reveal that a PMP certified professional may earn 25% ~ 30% more salary than Non-Certified professionals. PMP Certification salary increase.

One must keep checking his or her use or utility of its Certification on PMI website. The various teaching methods, the endurance of the trainer and to keep the students motivated and interested in the course. The various interactive and innovative methods used by trainers during this long training removes boredom from students and they happily attend the sessions. Effective communication experts are the by far the most strongest links for project administration, the parallel learning proves helpful in various meetings, showcasing the skills in public occasions etc. enough information on project management performs a huge deal to carry the staff to success in any situation or circumstances.

What Does PMP Certification Do To Your Career?

It broadens your networking scope and analyses your determination to achieve higher in your career. A PMP Certified Professional gets his skills and capabilities increased to excessive heights, such that he may smoothly adapt to any enterprise level domain, as it’s a generic Project Management Certification, be it Information Technology (IT), Automobile, Engineering, Manufacturing, Telecom, Construction, Health Care etc. Advantages of PMP Certification.

PMP Certified professionals can easily uplift the overall business which was going at a normal pace earlier, and these professionals can grow up to unimaginable  heights in their career. Companies also gain tremendous confidence when they take certified PMP professionals, because they are aware this would lead them to having profitable projects in terms of time, finance and with minimum delays and overheads. PMP Certification advantages.

Today many companies provide ample facilities for project managers to ease out their stress of work, recreational activities, time out from project work arranging short trips etc. so that managers are better focused and concentrated on their projects to deliver them on time with required quality and productivity.


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