Is Scrum Good For Startup?


Scrum is not only good for startup but also essential for startup companies, because as a startup, everything is basically theory on paper e.g. you are interacting with unknown issues so the best thought process you can apply is to iterate to the cycle of create, calculate and learn. Since your issue is unknown, it is assumed that your solution is also unknown and it is likely to undergo change over time.

If the team software, and business model is not build with a Scrum mindset, you will not be able to accommodate with this change early.  Your startup company should be a genuine one not taking the literal meaning of genuine. If so, then it is very much for implementing Scrum. You have more important tasks on your plate to think about than software development methodologies. You are not required to have the added distraction. If a small team of people cannot organize themselves without the need for methodology, then you can have more fundamental issues. You are totally unaware of what you need, minimal money, insufficient people and inadequate time.

Scrum Master Certification In Pune and Scrum Master Certification Online has kind of become the buzz word around and they both are gelling very well.

At this point of time the advantages of accommodating an Scrum approach are going to be restricted and probably not worth taking that much effort. There is a huge amount of doubt that engineering discipline is going to be a huge factor in getting past the first obstacle. Right now you are in a mode where you want customers. Scrum is not going to assist you in finding them. You need to build and demonstrate initial product and put it in the hands of customers, and quickly.

To be really honest about Scrum, it is there to solve a problem that larger organizations have. Small companies have no excuse for not interacting or not being concentrating on delivery. You are a startup company you need to remember that. You are in the initial stage of survival mode. Currently what matters the most is sales and nothing else. There will be ample time for all the Scrum implementation further down the product or project or program development.

Although Scrum Master Certification In Pune and Scrum Master Certification Online are 2 separate topics of discussion as one deals with location preference and one deals with mode of preference.

The best way to initiate or implement Scrum for a startup company can be as follows in one way…

  • Sprints / Demonstration of developed product till that stage: It gives your Scrum team a stress to deliver each week. Do a demonstration on day before weekend most probably on a Friday of what you have achieved so far. Another thing you could do is you always have a sprint plan or backlog to which you can adhere continuously each week.
  • Scrum is very easy to learn and implement almost everyone can learn and implement it within one day: You can start using SCRUM as early as possible, it’s really simple to understand it (not saying that you can be a pro in it in one day), but it’s quick to implement, understand and follow. And speed is very critical for a startup company I am sure about it..
  • Standup Meetings on Daily basis called as Daily Standup Meeting: Everyday for about 5 to 10 minutes daily standup meeting to tell to your team members what you were doing yesterday? What are you going to do today? Are there any obstacles or hurdles where the team members are going to need any help?

This will assist you to see if the targets which you’ve set for a short duration are being achieved or not. Scrum is specifically suited for conditions or situations with unknown factors and uncertainty. As brisk feedback cycle and learning (inspect & accommodate) is a main principles, Many experts are of the opinion that Scrum is good for a startup.

The current norm has been Scrum Master Certification Online and that too from Scrum Master Certification in Pune is like the most preferred.

Few others feel Scrum is great for Startup…and what is the reason for that? Because you don’t have to interact with hierarchy of managers and superiors, so it is easy to work with smaller teams sitting together. Some other experts feel you should apply Lean Startup that is a good approach for Startup Company where you can use the wondrous power of MVP (minimum viable product) to recheck your ideas early and economically. Hence for all of the above reasons many experts answer is a YES to implement Scrum for startup organization

Some are of the view that Scrum methodologies and processes are especially useful for start-ups and small businesses, because there are always more opportunities or chances than you have time or funds to investigate. Scrum tips, tricks and techniques assist small businesses make the best possible use of their limited resources and infrastructure. Scrum is the most suited option for most startup organizations. Remember, Scrum is a way to enhance for early and faster repeated customer validation.

The topic of Scrum Master Certification for startup will always be debatable as it’s not sure based on the domain for which it is implemented whether it can be adopted successfully or not. Although a little trial and error is always the standard approach just t make sure that its suits a particular domain or business stream or not.

Although mostly the startup with scrum methodology don’t see the reason why it should fail, because they implement each aspect of the methodology step by step and at any step the implementation hits a roadblock then they would first make the necessary changes in the process or methodology for that matter and then continue to implement it further.


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