What Could Be Some of The Tips To Clear PMP Certification?


PMP Exams comprises to judge a candidates knowledge on how he or she starts the project (project initiation), then how one plans the entire project from a broader perspective or a bird’s eye view to begin with, how does one actually execute the project as it progresses.

What are the various monitoring tools one implements to keep a constant check on the health of the project, also how one is controlling the project in terms of the period given to develop and submit to stakeholders or clients. Last but not the least how closure of the project done is it done hastily or gracefully fulfilling the entire customer requirements until the end. PMI annual membership fee.

Normally there is a tendency to hasten up activities especially when they nearing are the end and that may have serious adverse impact on the quality of the project, which any service provider company would not want to happen at all. That kills the entire good work done until date and human tendency is not to remember the good things done so far but a small mistake or bad thing happens in the project, it escalates to the top level, which tarnishes the image of the organization delivering the project. How much for PMP certification?

Clearing PMP Certification Exam needs your complete attention and focus during preparation and for that, selection of good study material and chapter tests and mock / simulation tests is very important. Following are some of the tips one could use to effect

Formulating Strategy

Formulate a strategy for study – study plan between the training and till the time of giving exam is very important. It will definitely help you clear the exam successfully. One should be aware of all the objectives of the PMP exam before you start your studies. One should manage the time on studying and understanding the various tasks listed under the domains and try and spend more time on topics which seems to be difficult to grasp and understand. How much is a PMP certification.

Joining Study Groups

Join and follow study groups – internally institutes may form study groups or batch groups after the training so that each individual can get his or her queries resolved and sorted.

Join Good Institute

Choose good institute for training and has good course material and practice tests – this will help immensely to study the right things which are actually required to study and which has the most probability of coming for the exam. This increases the chances of clearing the PMP exam with higher proficiency. Is PMI Membership worth it?

Solve Quality Mock Test

Solve adequate simulation test / mock tests – not too more and not too less. I would suggest solving just 1 or 2 mock tests which really carries a meaning and are close to real life exam with similar pattern time limit and set of questions also similar to final exam. This will boost the confidence of the candidates to do well in final exams.

Prepare With New / Changed Syllabus

For candidates who had taken training as per the previous exam pattern (before 2021) , I would suggest to get themselves prepared as per the new and revised PMP Exam 2021 even if it means to take the training again. As PMI has done restructuring of the framework itself and introduction of agile more and more into the syllabus, it is advisable to go for training again and start a fresh. PMP test costs.

Have a Stable & Calm Mind

As everyone is aware that PMP exam is always time consuming and intense so one has to be mentally prepared to answer it completely and not drain out in between due to fatigue and stress. So start preparing your mental strength as well to face the challenge of this intense exam. How to get PMP certification without experience?

Prepare Well & Practice More

Many feel success in clearing PMP Certification entirely depends on 2 things – preparation and practice and understanding of the Projects Management concepts and principles very well. When it comes to preparation for exam study as per syllabus and plan for daily study with fixed set of chapters and material. Once thorough preparation is over concentrate on writing practice exams or mock tests exactly the same way as the final exam is going to be. As it looks to be almost 4 hours available, each question hardly has couple of minutes to answer if you look at the no of questions vs time available to answer the exam. This is where the challenge lies try and not focus on the time available but on answering the question correctly and as fast as possible with quick thinking. How much does PMP exam cost?

Refer Adequate Study Material

Get as many queries answered for all your questions that come to your mind during the studies as it helps to analyze and come to choosing the correct option in the question. Here your work experience and day-to-day challenges, which you face during actual project execution, will come into effect, as mostly questions have emphasis on real life or practical scenarios and case studies. Check PMP certification.

Keep Referring PMBOK Guide As Needed

Experts also mention not to read PMBOK guide from start to end continuously like a book, instead they should refer as and when it prompts to like a reference guide that gives a major advantage of not getting bored and not interested due to monotonous reading. Although referring the PMBOK guide as per sections every time actually ensures that, you have read it at least 4 to 5 times but you do not realize it. PMP passing score 2020.

Study Regularly (2 Hours Daily For 2 Months)

Studying for 2 hours daily for 2 months should be the ideal study plan for clearing the PMP exam, as it would not stress an individual and also office work which is equally important can also done and not get hampered because of PMP exam study pressure. Right from training up to giving the final exam one should plan for around 2.5 to 3 months program in which everything is done. Before the COVID-19 existence, there were long sessions of classroom training on weekends Sat-Sun for almost 8-9 hours per day. Although it use to finish the training within 2 consecutive weekends, it was difficult for some to grasp so much of training on a single day.

Nowadays there are online classes for couple of hours on weekdays Mon-Fri, which ensures that everything to understand whatever is covered during training. One can start studying in parallel as part of the preparation for the PMP Exam. Project Management certification without experience.

Study with Focus till the End

 When one has taken up training to complete PMP Certification, he or she must concentrate on it with focus till the end one gets certified, and lot leave it half way behind. Many a times the candidates start the training with much energy and enthusiasm, however over a period of time due to pressure of thinking about the level of difficulty, many candidates just start losing focus over it. Also there is parallel work pressure always going on, so they start making excuse or are not able to cope up both the things simultaneously, and they start faltering. PMI certification cost.

Before you start taking training your entire plan of at least next 3 to 4 months should be ready, so that there is no deviation from it. Also during this preparation time of when to start training you can plan to manage your office projects work as well. If one plans in advance about managing office work, managing his PMP Certification training and exam preparation schedule as well as his domestic responsibilities, then he or she is rest assured they would emerge victorious in their campaign. PMP exam fees.

During this time of taking up PMP Certification, make sure you are not taking up additional responsibilities either from home front or from office front (if possible), as it will ease out your burden to manage and do a balancing act on all 3 fronts. PMP without experience.

Checking Infrastructure before Giving Online Exam

 Many candidate now opt for giving the exam online from the comfort of their home, however there are certain things a candidate must make sure before he or she decides to go for online PMP exam. First and the foremost is to have a stable internet connection with decent speed, although this particular exam is not a graphic intensive one, one must ensure the seamless connectivity of internet while giving the exam. Since the exam is going to be for 4 hours with a 10 minute gap after 2 hours, it’s considered a pretty long time for the internet to not produce a glitch. How much is the PMP certification

Also make sure you are not keeping any books, notes or post-its nearby the laptop / desktop from which you are going to give the exam, since it is a proctored exam (monitored by a supervisor) it’s not allowed to keep any sort of study material around when you are giving the exam. It is also not allowed to get up from your seat other than your scheduled break, else the examiner can disqualify you from the exam. Make sure the environment around the room from which you are giving the exam is quite and without any disturbance, this will keep your mind at peace and stable while giving the exam. Verify PMP certification.

Make Sure All Your Pre-Requisite Are Met

 Schedule your exam date properly and be present well in advance at your exam center / online exam place before the exam starts. Make sure all your pre-requisites which are required to appear for the exam are met, such as admit card, your identification documents, and your 36 contact hours certification submitted before the stipulated time.

Although the PMI process is much sequenced from beginning right from checking your eligibility criteria and then allowing you to complete all the exam pre-requisites like attending the mandatory training etc.


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