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The shortest mantra for preparing for the PMP Exam would be read PMBOK as and when you come across the sections and articles which require explanation, apply your practical, day-to-day work experience, study diligently and solve quality question bank also called as mock test or simulation test to get through the PMP Exam successfully. However is it that simple? No! And here’s why…PMI Registry

PMP is a serious certification not just the one that can be overlooked, so it needs much more than just bookish knowledge to clear it like work experience – experience of leading and directing projects efficiently. In short make sure that you need to earn it and imbibe discipline to do all that it takes to bridge the gaps in your knowledge. PMI Membership Cost.

The bitter truth is, PMP Certification has always been designed to filter out candidates who do not have what it requires to be a Project Management Professional. This theory is proved as majority of questions asked in the exam are case study or practical based, in other words you can say they are scenario based. There would be very limited math related or theoretical questions in the exam. PMI Membership Fee.

To answer or tackle scenario based questions one needs to implement his or her work experience as a team leader or Project Manager in line with PMBOK guide and for math related and theoretical questions one must need to know the process definition, techniques and various tools and few other miscellaneous topics like formulas related to costing module etc. Project Management Certificate Cost.

Selecting Right Institute and Trainer

Once you decide your institute and proper trainer solve the tutorials and various quizzes and questions which the institute provides to prepare for the certification exam. Institute will guide each and every candidate and mentor them till the end, till they get certified, they will explain everything – all the tricks of the trade like how effectively one should manage the time allotted for the exam, how one should apply the elimination process to the various options given to the question etc. Cost of PMP.

Off course there is no alternative to study hard for the exam, there is no short cut to success. Some of the study material you can look out for from your trainer can be student based manual, spotlight videos, Project Manager Checklist, Activity Files, and Self-Knowledge Check etc. Also slides focusing on the key points of each and every concept, module based chapter tests and questions and last but not the least mock test or simulation test in the form of question bank. PMP Registry.

PMI Membership and Application Process

Once you have your 36 contact hours training you get a proper certification for it, approved by PMI (if you have taken training form an Authorized Training Partner (ATP)), which you need to submit to PMI without which you will not be able to sit for the exam. Now it’s time for PMI application process. It will take a few days or weeks to review your application and give their approval or it may go into audit (although in very rare cases where PMI feels it needs to be done). Once your application is accepted and approved, you will be given access to go ahead by paying fees for the exam and scheduling its date. Cost PMP.

Always keep a 2 month window period for preparation for the exam before scheduling the date for it. Normally you should stick to the date you have finalized, as changing of dates will also cost you additional money from PMI. One should schedule the exam date as soon as he or she gets a grip over the studies post training for the exam. There should not be too much of a gap between training and starting the studies for exam preparation, because keeping focus from start to end is very critical for the success in PMP Exam with above target level. Cost of Project Management Certification.

Study Material to Go Through

Once your exam date is scheduled you have a clear focus and definite time in your hand to prepare for the exam. Go through the PMBOK guide as and when prompted to through your study manual for reference, this way you will notice that you have actually referred the PMBOK guide several times although you have not read it from start to end (as it’s not even the correct way to read PMBOK). There will be no short-cuts here one should go through the PMBOK guide to understand the concepts thoroughly. Passing Score for PMP.

Other than PMBOK there will be additional study material suggested by the trainer like Student Manual etc. which one must read and go through very carefully. There could be some books as well which can be referred as suggested by the trainer. Normally our trainer always recommends to not study too less and not study too more, but optimal, more the books and notes you will refer will vary concepts from each one of them to an extent which will confuse you more than keeping focus on what’s right as far as the PMP Certification exam is concerned. Passing Score PMP.

Nowadays so much study material is available online, however it’s not advisable to go through each and every of it, as its disastrous to have wrong concepts and knowledge in mind and that would affect your score in the final exam. Once you go through the study material it’s time to practice it again and again till your concepts become absolutely clear and too the right concepts and processes which the PMI feels are valid and acceptable. PMP Exam Cost.

The last stage of studies should be giving mock tests the same way as the final exam will be conducted with time bound and proper environment. This mock test should be your benchmark to get a clearance for the final exam based on the score you achieve in it. Normally one should aim for 75 and above percentage to boost confidence that you would clear the PMP Final exam with Above Target. Project Manager Certification Cost.

Various Costs Associated with PMP Certification

The various costs associated with PMP Certification can be described as follows:

  1. PMP Membership Fee
  2. PMP Training Fee
  3. PMP Exam Fee
  4. PMP Re-examination Fee
  5. PMP Certification Renewal Fee

One can become PMI Member by paying 129 USD and 10 USD as joining fee, so total Membership Fees can be 139 USD. PMI Membership is valid for 1 year, in this membership fee one gets standard PMP online course material access for 1 year, additionally you get online access to the latest PMBOK edition, also as a member you get to online access their webinars held across the globe for 1 year, which are necessary to attend in that 1 year period to collect PDUs, required for certification renewal after 3 years of certification validity period is over.

In addition one gets to access the job portal of PMI that is various job opening for PMP professionals across the globe in various organizations. Such are the benefits of becoming a PMI member.

PMP Training Fees

PMP Training fees are something which varies across institute to institute and cannot be taken as a standard or fixed amount, although it is always advisable to take training with an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of PMI. Also what’s more important is the quality of training, quality of course material and last but not the least, the quality of the end-to-end support the institute provides to each and every candidate of their institute, because that is where the volume of success or percentage of success lies both for the student as well as for the institute. After all it’s the question of the institute merits, credentials and reputation in the market.

As per US standard the PMP training fees from a ATP varies in range between 1000 USD up to 2000 USD for a good training quality which maintains the standards and compliance of PMI. It can become one of the most expensive element of your total costing for PMP Certification, since its very lucrative and niche matter to get a well-trained instructor who covers the entire practical as well as theoretical aspects while conducting the PMP Training.

Sometimes the training costs can vary depending on the mode of training a candidate is taking. Normally many institute charges more fees for Face to Face (Offline Training) compared to virtually led Online Training through Instructor. However as per my opinion there should not be any difference in the fees for Online and Offline Training because of the efforts a trainer has to take to really train his students well as prepare them to clear the PMP Certification Exam in 1st attempt.

PMP Exam Fees

PMP Exam fees are 405 USD for Members and 555 USD for Non-Members, looking at the costs one has to incur as a non-member does not seems to be feasible at all, since they are very high and not at all affordable, so it’s always beneficial to become a PMI Member rather than pay everything as a non-member.

As a non-member one has to bear so many other costs separately, like course material costs, PMBOK guide buying cost, no access to PMI Webinars and Job Portal across the globe. In addition to the higher exam cost. So as a non-member one has to add a lot of course material cost separately which makes it more expensive.

PMP Re-examination Fees

Unfortunately if one is not able to clear the PMP Certification Exam in 1st attempt, then he or she has to bear the cost of re-examination which amounts to 275 USD for Members and 375 USD for Non-Members respectively. In your 1 year as PMI Member you can attempt the exam 3 times in all, and the 2nd and 3rd attempt will cost you 275 USD.

Off course thinking positive one can really avoid incurring this cost as your aim should be to clear the PMP Certification exam in 1st attempt itself, because that could save a lot of your expenses. Once you have exhausted your 3 attempts of giving PMP exam in a year of your valid membership, you need to wait for 1 year to re-apply for the PMP Certification Exam.

For Indian students with the ever increasing cost of dollar it could have become very difficult to bear the expense of re-examination, hence PMI has globally standardized on the costs for exam, re-exam, PMI Membership and other costs as per the country’s currency, which makes it much easier for the candidate to manage the expense.

Certification Renewal Fees

Once you become PMP Certified, the certification is valid for 3 years, you need to renew your PMP Certification every 3 years by paying the renewal fees. Certification renewal fees for Members is 60 USD and for Non-Members its 150 USD. Once again it shows how beneficial it is to become a PMI Member rather than spending everything as a Non-Member.

PMP Exam Process

The PMP Exam process is very vigilant, so one must be very careful and be professional and not do anything stupid. Always report on time (if giving exam oat center). Try and avoid going with you own vehicle to exam center because you do not want to stress yourself for finding a parking lot etc. Be comfortable, stay calm at all time, take deep breadths, if you go with public transport you will get some time to sit back and relax and go through your quick notes again.

Make sure you are carrying your appointment letter for exam along with your photo ID proof to identify yourself at the exam center. Once you start your exam in case you need a Lou break, make sure to do check-out and check0in process. Although this break will still be counted as your exam time.


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