Can Anyone Do PMP Certification Without Experience In Project Management – Part 2


Foreign National Companies Prefer Certification First over Experience

Most of the multinational companies always prefer that a professional must have a certification first in that respective domain or field, before he or she is even applying for that particular post. For these companies a candidate doing certification is of utmost important than having the relevant experience in that field, it’s not that experience is not important for them it’s always going to be important, however its secondary priority wise when it comes to certification and experience. How much is the PMP exam?

There have been many instances where foreign national companies have simply put on hold a candidates resume even though he or she was having the relevant experience they required. They asked the candidate to complete PMP Certification first and then the candidate would be hired for the post. For that matter the company was even willing to wait for the candidate for 3-4 months keeping in view the time required to get the certification completed post training studies and all. How much is PMP exam?

Having certification has become such an important aspect in today’s modern industry, without it your career growth and the associated salary hike will get hampered.

Indian Companies Prefer Experience First over Certification

Although this aspect or mentality of most of the Indian companies is changing now that experience has more weightage than certification. Normally there is equal weightage (50-50) in terms of percentage when it comes to experience vis-à-vis certification. There may be some small to medium scale companies that too not from IT, Automobile or Telecom or Construction companies who would still prefer people having experience rather than certification. The reason behind this could be these companies may not have the budget to reimburse these certification costs to candidates or it may be there is no awareness about such certification even existing. PMP exam fee.

Candidates also prefer to take hands-on experience in these small to medium scale industries and then try and switch to a bigger organization where all the processes are in place and that companies are aware of such certifications existing in the market to enhance the career growth and salary hike for employees. How much does PMP cost?

In fact to retain such talent in the company, many organizations promote their team leaders and project managers who are eligible to go for these certifications and eve they reimburse the entire cost for it which includes the training, membership and exam costs. What is PMP passing score 2022?

Experience Vs Certification

Although there are many such project managers out there who have gotten to start their project management career somehow. But how is it possible? Is the big question. With these things happening the potential candidates gets discouraged and frustrated. Many candidates turn down job offers because they either don’t like the role or the companies are not willing to pay as per the candidate’s expectations. PMP certification without experience.

Many a times the reason being the professional is not PMP Certified and hence the companies start negotiating on their salary or the position or role which they want to offer. During an interview the candidates are asked about their experience, if the candidate has worked voluntarily in their family business then he or she can leverage the skills and relate them to the roles offered in this particular company. PMBOK latest edition.

The candidate can talk about his skills he developed when working in his family business company and how it helped the clients to achieve their goals. In this particular case the candidate may not have the project manager title, but your skills never hide which you have earned during your working. This a the time the candidate realizes that he or she actually has gained the relevant experience it’s just that he or she is not aware that this only has to be called as a team leader or project management experience. PMP certification online fee.

Work is always going to be challenging, and one needs hands-on experience to run and execute projects successfully. During appraisals and review meetings, the candidate must explain to their managers that how they really enjoyed working and parallel learning a lot in the training schedule, and one should expect there would be other tasks that will allow to manage the projects and lead the team. PMP certification cost in India.

The manager also should be supportive enough and should provide additional internal projects for the candidates to work on with various other team members. The manager also should facilitate the candidate by reaching out to the organization’s project management team to have him or her sit for their meetings and act as a facilitator between the project management team and their respective departments. In short the manager should encourage their subordinates to grow and prosper in the company. How much does the PMP exam cost?


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