Can I Make A Living With PMP Certification?


It can be a little exaggeration to quote if one can make a living with PMP Certification, it would be feasible to mention that one can make a living by having a know-how and using that experience to influence PMP Certification and utilize in the on-going technology projects, far more enhanced utilization in your on-going processes. PMP certification worth it.

To manage and groom your team more effectively, which will dictate the success of the project, which in turn will fetch revenue to the company and from this revenue, the organization may reward you for your performance, only then it would be viable to say that I am indeed making a living by getting PMP Certified. Is the PMP worth it?

PMP Certification is simply a stepping stone or ladder which indicates your seriousness towards Project Management as a career option and you are making the best use of it. As per many experts experience and certification go hand in hand and carries equal weightage in the job market across the globe. Is a PMP certificate worth it?

Some To Do Things To Follow for making a living with PMP Certification worthwhile:

  • PMP Certification is an impressive accreditation for showcasing your Project Management skills.
  • Continue to stay with Project Management stream and keep working your way up the career ladder.
  • Many of the PMP professionals believe in practical and hands-on project management skills.
  • Some of the PMP Certified people work with the governance aspects of a PMO (Project Management Office).
  • Many of the PMP professionals become either program managers even climb the ladder up to VP level.
  • Once a Program Manager the PMP professional is capable enough to handle multiple projects.
  • Some PMP professionals prefer to work on smaller chunks of a bigger and turnkey projects, giving quality work is their prime focus.

If you get the motive and idea behind it correctly then you should continue pursuing your career in project management and focus on enhancing your skills and delivering impactful and high value results. Is PMP worth it?

Although not directly but indirectly for some professionals, PMP Certification have proved to be a part of their making a living. Many organizations have made a mandate of having a PMP Certification, however when you actually go through their implemented processes and methods you find they have their own methodology, so it becomes difficult to implement PMP knowledge in a direct way. Is PMP certification worth it?

In the above case the best thing to do would be to use the processes and principles of PMP to improve the way it should be operated under the defined set of rules of engagement. The brief answer to this would be get a PMP Certification to fetch you a good job and then it make you work the way it is implemented. This will reflect well on your CV and you could have a better explanation to give during your job interview or it can put you in a sound position for your internal promotion. PMI registry.

The Answer is Yes For Making a Living with PMP Certification

One can make a decent living with PMP Certification by maintaining the accreditation and becoming a trainer, off course it’s not an easy path to keep on following the compliance of PMI and satisfy all its necessary audits to reach to that goal. PMI membership cost.

Yes but once you have achieved all that then there is no stopping, there are many examples where people have made a luxurious living for themselves through PMP Certification Training across the globe, the primary requirement being an extremely good and thorough knowledge of Project Management and the most innovative ways and means to deliver the training as per the set of candidates with different grasping skills as well as with different domains and knowledge streams. PMI membership fee.

It has a decent enough cost associated to gain PMP Certification, right from the contact hour official training approved by PMI to the PMI Membership cost, to the PMP Exam Fees cost etc. even after that there is cost involved to renew your certification every 3 years. Project management certificate cost.

PMP Certification is considered as the Gold Standard of Project Management around the world and it’s not easy to achieve it and hence more valuable than any other certification in the world for Project Management. In spite the time money and efforts a professional puts in to achieve this certification, the rewards and benefits are more and better and definitely make up more than all the trouble taken to get it. Cost of PMP.

Career Advancements, Salary Packages Make a Living

Some experts feel it’s rather an interesting question, the ways in which PMP Certification can assist in making a living…

Career advancements and progress which in turn gives higher salary packages, getting PMP Certification can speed up your one’s growth path in the organization and hence can increase chances of getting higher remuneration along the way. PMP registry.

Becoming a PMP Authorized Trainer, this is also another path or direction which opens up for PMP Certified professionals to make a living out of it. They can enhance their skills on mentoring, coaching and even doing consultancy for those professionals who aspire to do PMP Certification in their near future.

Some people like to put it in a more enthusiastic way by first congratulating all those who have achieved PMP Certification. As far as answering the question is concerned, to put it in simple terms as to making a living from PMP Certification, you can or you can’t depends on what you love doing most and how you want to take it forward. It’s all about pursuing your passion or goal.

If you want to progress in company, look out for open and higher positions and then analyze if you are capable of performing that role and carry out the responsibilities successfully required for that position. If you love sharing knowledge and teaching or mentoring, try helping and assisting your subordinates and peers.

If writing and reading is your passion then start writing quality and useful blogs and articles related to Project Management, earn your accolade through it and make your journey through newspaper and famous blog posting websites, where massive crowd can read your writing.

No Single Path to Make a Living

In short there is no single way to make a living from PMP Certification, it’s the path what best you choose as per your liking and expertise where you know for sure you will excel and triumph. Some even prefer to be a freelancer and do consultancy, no strings attached and they can take up assignments as per their availability and need of funds.

Normally hiring consultant can be a bit risky as he cannot be held accountable on behalf of any training institute especially when he or she is a freelancer, since they operate on their own terms and conditions. To make a good living through PMP Certification as a consultant or a freelancer one must really carry a very good reputation in the market and should be known personality for candidates to hire him or her to take training and provide all the necessary assistance during studies and to make the candidates study properly for the PMP Exam.


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