Can PMP Certification Be Beneficial For Mechanical Design Engineers?


First of all before doing any certification, one should gain sufficient domain knowledge in their area of interest or passion, without which any certification is of no value. Always the work experience with the addition of certification brings in more opportunities and adds value to your portfolio in the job market.

Doing either of it only will not suffice and will take you to a limited success. In this blog we are taking an example of a Mechanical Design Engineer. There should always be a reality check for every profession and its practical standing in the world today

So what should all Mechanical Design Engineers understand and know is practically our bike mechanic is more expert and knowledgeable when it comes to understanding how a bike performs, since day in and out he is repairing bikes which makes him an expert in that. PMP test passing score.

What’s In Store for Mechanical Design Engineers?

Many people have the notion that Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen branch, although it has been true in the earlier days it’s not the only branch available to grab for students. Now the world is open with so many fields and branches to choose from, although the field of Mechanical Engineering is still going very strong and newer and newer technologies and methodologies are evolving. Check PMP status.

As for now everyone is aware that PMP Certification is basically for those who want to pursue their career in Project Management going forward. So the question is how will it fit into the mechanical design field? To answer this question… at some point of one’s career there comes a time where the professional aspires to lead the team and direct and supervise projects, rather than actually working under some team leader or manager.  PMP certification list.

So most of them start their career as an individual contributor and probably in technical space depending on what type of engineering field he or she has chosen, and eventually takes up a leadership role n responsibility which makes it relevant for them to take up PMP Certification if they want to grow further in their career. How much PMP certification cost?

During their days as individual contributor, they would also do different types of certifications which are relevant that time and are related to their technical work at that point of time. So technical expertise can be considered as a phase in one’s career and has got nothing to do with the domain or field you are in. How much does a project management certification cost?

Relevance of Technical Vs Managerial

Since PMP Certification is relevant for all domains and fields the scope is immense for anyone to build their career further once they cross the phase of working as individual contributor and into any technical domain. The ideal path itself is to have a techno managerial experience, which will fetch him the benefit of doing PMP Certification and ending up having a very good job with good position and salary hike. PMBOK latest edition 2021.

We have already seen PMP Certified professionals from various fields like IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharma, Construction Banking etc. the list just continues… So basically wherever and whenever you find projects being executed, the knowledge of PMP can be applied there. More so, bigger the project, PMP becomes more and more relevant. On the other hand more the experience you have, one can apply that knowledge in his day to day project work to make it more successful. PMP exam fee 2021.

PMP will always guide you and show you the path to become more and more successful. Once that is clear it’s up to the individual to walk that path and achieve success based on your skill sets and capabilities. Engineers more often than not keep moving to higher certifications with various reasons to do so. For example one particular engineer may do this to gain higher recognition and more salary. PMP passing rate 2021.

Since PMP is not domain specific we see most of the engineers going to this side quite often. Working in an on-field organization, where the work of designing and managing projects goes on, can prove to be the best option or choice to be adopted by Mechanical Design Engineers having PMP Certification. It entirely depends on the choice of the professional. Cost to take PMP exam.

If the professionals desire to be on the technical management side also known as techno-managerial side the taking efforts of going for PMP Certification is definitely worth it.

Path for Mechanical Design Engineers

Those professionals who would like to pursue their career into Project Management after getting PMP Credentials, should be aware that they have a very long road ahead. One can have an option to establishing skill-sets and enhance your knowledge as per market trends and requirements. PMP Certification will be advantageous if you can begin to apply these skills into your day-to-day live project execution. PMP certification training cost.

As you know PMP Certification is for those professionals who practice project management on a daily basis. It is not relevant what your qualification is to an extent (apart from the eligibility criteria purpose), what is relevant is the roles and responsibilities you perform as a Project Manager. If some asks whether you are leading or directing / managing projects then you should go for PMP Certification, whether you are a Mechanical Design Engineer or an IT Professional. PMP certification course cost.

PMP Certification can be very much helpful whether it’s any industry or domain, in case of defense, automotive etc. fields where mechanical design projects are executed, globally recognized methodology can be put to use and hence the demand for PMP Certification. PMP register.

PMP Certification will assist those professionals who would be a part of the Project Management Community. Personally a professional can gain from doing PMP Certification as it will provide good knowledge and understanding of Project Management. Professionally it all depends on the company and organization you are working with. For a Mechanical Design Engineers one requires to obtain credentials that could assist and broaden the mechanical engineering knowledge from The Institution of Engineers for example. PMP certification exam fee.

PMP Certification is of value for Mechanical Design Engineers if they decide to make a career in the engineering and mechanical project management stream. If a mechanical engineer works in a project then it will help not if the engineer works in an operations stream or domain.

Scope and Opportunities for Mechanical Design Engineers

PMP Certification can help any Mechanical Engineer to know and study the principles and concepts of project management and how to handle a project efficiently from start to end. Also how to address different Knowledge Areas like Integration, Procurement, Stakeholder, Scope, Cost, Communication, Time, HR and Quality.

Experts say there is very good scope for Mechanical Design Engineers in the Project Management field, because it is very much relevant for them to handle and manage medium to large scale projects where PMP Certification is a necessity. The PMP Certification is the topmost in the area of Project Management and the entire world has accepted it because of its proven success.

Many things a fresh graduate or mechanical engineer should offer as a greatest skill is the capability to read and understand technical subjects very fast. Often there is a question asked as to why we need to divide engineering field into various categories like mining, petroleum, production, civil, mechanical etc. in the olden times a student was motivated to pursue or practice engineering in area where one has showcased his competence.

Practical and Industry based certification like PMP score well over and are well received over Master’s Degree like MBA. Not to discredit any master’s degree holders or postgraduate qualification professionals, its just the reality of the market today. The age old syllabus and curriculum for the post graduate courses is to be blamed which rarely gets upgraded as per the need of the technology, principles and processes market today.

Whereas PMP Certification’s PMBOK Guide (the reference guide used to study for the exam) gets a new edition almost every 3 to 4 years with all the latest inclusions of what’s happening around in terms of technology upgrade or newer technologies and methodologies coming up. Many of the surveys conducted reveled that only 2% professionals have really worked hands-on with project management best practices and principles, all the rest have just taken a master’s degree by studying theoretically.

On the other hand a PMP professional has to show both hands-on work experience in Project Management in addition to gaining mastery over PMBOK (in short study as well as experience is required even to qualify and successfully clear PMP exam). Academically if one studies properly and sincerely he or she would still clear the PMP exam, however running and executing a live project successfully requires experience and talent (skills) which is not mentioned in any textbook.

So there is definitely scope for Mechanical Design Engineers to pursue a career in Project Management going forward as there are ample projects related to mechanical engineering field and it’s going to keep on growing in the coming years with newer and newer technologies and processes are evolving.


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