Does PMP Certification Prove Useful In Construction Industry?


The professionals who are asking this question must first try to understand that it depends on various situations which we are going to discuss in detail in this blog below. However the generic feeling would be whether PMP Certification will help in construction domain or not. So the answer would be Yes than No, one will understand why after reading the entire blog. PMP training cost.

Traditional Project Management Approach

It has been known that construction companies follow more of a traditional project management approach also known as Waterfall model, which has a bottom to top building sequence and has to go that way, although once the basic structure is built in a traditional way there are always various other methods by which the rest of the tasks can be sequenced or prioritized as per the need and in an agile way, where business critical and revenue generation features or tasks will be given more importance than others. PMP certification fees.

People who are asking this question must first acknowledge in what segment of construction industry they are in and secondly at what position they are currently working in it. There may be many instances where during the previous times, when there was less awareness and importance of certification and more weightage to work experience was given. PMI certification lookup.

Old Times – Experience over Certification

So all the professionals having way over 20 years of experience, in the construction industry may not necessarily having a certification in their hand neither they have been asked to go for it during those times. However in today’s scenario these professionals must have been asked to go for PMP Certification as it has been a necessity rather than an individual choice. That is the reason the beauty of PMP Certification is it accommodates experience levels right from 6 to 7 years up to 20 to 25 years easily. How much does a PMP cost?

The other factor which drives whether to go for PMP Certification or not depends on the category of the construction company. I mean to say whether it’s a small scale, medium scale or large scale company. In general for smaller organizations it may not be financially viable to have PMP Certified people working for their projects off course who would not like to have them, because they can’t afford to pay their high salaries and lower project budgets. How much is PMP exam fee?

PMP professionals are the most highly demanded in the world for Project Management and Product Development, so accordingly they need to be paid and taken care of in terms of their career growth. This scenario changes when we are taking about medium to large scale industries where they have separate budgets for such certifications and most of them even reimburse the entire cost of certification for the right candidate. PMP exam registration.

Career Growth and Salary Hike

Many believe that PMP Certification assists professionals who have goals and ambitions and have a passion to climb up the ladder of upper level management especially in huge and larger construction companies. Companies have a proper record of each and every individual and their contribution to the organization in terms of making profits and other benefits, only those candidates are really chosen to be rewarded or acknowledged by giving them the benefits and advantages they deserve. PMI PMP application.

Although there are many such performance improvement programs carried out for the employees by companies which are lagging behind and need improvement in their career advancement. As you start moving towards larger organizations, then certifications like PMP hold more weight, since it’s the fastest way to categorize employees who start getting recognition. Having a PMP Certification definitely shows high level of ambition in a candidate, however a candidate which just qualifies for PMP and gets certified, may not be given that big a responsibility by a company as others would get who are highly experienced and having a certification too. What is cost of PMP exam?

Importance of PMP Certification

Many experts feel if you want to start a career in construction industry then PMP Certification is a must down the line when you become eligible for it gaining the mandatory experience in leading and directing projects to qualify for the PMP Exam. If you are PMP Certified then you are assumed to be skillful and knowledgeable in a particular field and domain and people start considering you as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), in analyzing risks and managing construction projects efficiently. Construction projects are typically turnkey projects which means large scale, hence PMP Certification is highly valuable in these kind of projects. If close monitoring is not maintained, even a slight oversight can cause significant impact and damage on the quality, cost of project, time and various other factors. PMP certification cost USA.

Demand for Project Managers

As a result of this, there will always be a demand or need of a competent and efficient project manager to be working on these kind of projects, which is possible only when thy have taken thorough training of PMP for the best practices, principles and processes. In huge and complex projects specially in construction industries more than accurate planning, and sound management strategies for every step of the project for example timeline, costs, scope, quality, right people working on the project, risks associated, effective communication, acquisition and the list goes on are very important and critical. PMP check.

All the above plans and strategies come together to form a sound and concrete project management plan. This is probably the projects most important document. As a result in construction industry avoiding or ignoring a detailed and well though plan can be disastrous. PMP educates you on how to create a detailed and a full proof project plan and how to execute it step by step. PMI membership benefits.

Industry Specific Relevance

Even though PMP Certification is applicable to any industry and domain, many experts feel it is relevant and applicable to construction industry in particular. To really understand project management completely and to produce successful leaders who can drive the project efficiently, one does require PMP Certification.

One should consider project management like building a house, one must plan, prepare, analyze and do proper research to build a strong and solid foundation. One must not just rush off to a supermarket or a home depot and start buying stuff randomly. PMP pass percentage.

It makes even more sense and relevance in construction domain where everything is so tightly sequenced, everything should come at the right time and in the right quantity and content. Project Managers are deployed on wide infrastructure projects so that they can methodize a framework and process to make sure your output / result is on time within given budget and to required quality and productivity with specifications. PMP syllabus is a sound knowledge set and base framework for all those aspiring to work in managing projects. PMP cert cost.

Forecast and Future for Construction Industry

Construction industry is set to expand by almost 70% to almost 15 trillion USD by the year 2025, mostly concentrating in 3 to 4 countries and regions which includes USA, UAE, China and India. For all those project managers in construction industry out there looking for a job or job change Asia is going to be the hub and a place to be for getting selected as Project Management processes are ever evolving in these regions and will continue to do so. PMI verification.

India’s population growth has outpaced the infrastructure growth in construction industry, still there is shortage or demand of PMP professionals and will continue to grow by almost 30 Lakhs by the years 2023-2024. Our country would require approximately 10 lakh project managers to occupy this void in huge construction projects which necessitate top level of complex and independent regulatory compliance. Passing PMP exam.

As far as the PMP syllabus goes a good part of the PMBOK Guide is relevant to construction domain and projects. Although the concepts of project management and practices with processes have widened within the entire construction industry across the globe. These changes are varying from other industries and applications to justify the enhanced extension. Pass PMP exam.

Never Ending Construction Domain

Construction is one such field or domain where PMP Certification and Project Management can be of utmost criticality. The advantages of PMP for construction managers are immense. Stakeholders and Project contract credentials are few of the most critical perspectives of a project in the construction domain, because these projects are mostly expensive and complicated projects.

That is the reason the project contract should always be thorough, well defined and crystal clear in all aspects. Any small negligence could prove very expensive later on when you won’t be having the bandwidth to bear the overshoot in costs.  In large construction projects there are most often than not lot of stakeholders and their correct identification is required because if any stakeholder is left out then it can be disastrous for the project later on. PMP Certification provides all know how required to carry out this work accurately.


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