How Better Is the New and Revised PMP Certification 2021 – Part 2


Big Overhaul in PMP 2021 Exam

PMI has made a big overhaul / change to the PMP Certification Exam w.r.t to the mode of exam, no of questions, exam pattern, question types and many more changes. The syllabus looks very much pro-agile, and additionally it looks to include traditional (waterfall) project management along with hybrid (combination of traditional and agile) project management topics. PMP exam passing score 2021.

It has made itself to sync more and more with the current and modern techniques, tools and modern ways of managing a project and have given away some topics related to long list tools, inputs, outputs and techniques which were cumbersome for many PMP aspirants before. Passing score for PMP exam 2020.

The age old concepts of Process Groups and Knowledge Areas has been now taken over by Domains. They are nothing but actually a high level Knowledge Areas and are considered to be the main pillars of project management as per the revised syllabus of PMP. PMI certification verification.

Few of the changes in content and the structure are as follows…

  • Main or Principle statements and a view of the system, which is applicable to all projects.
  • Various techniques, tools framework and artifacts.
  • Performance Oriented Results.
  • Different areas of various tasks / activities.
  • Focus on Customer Requirements.
  • Various Actions you carry out and its behavioral aspects.
  • To develop the appropriate mindset of the professionals to follow the stream of project management.
  • Processes, Principles and Concepts – these are some of the broad statements that mentor us through our actions and thoughts.
  • All the different and various artifacts, methods and models.
  • Around 8 domains related to performance and also includes 12 principles.
  • Have a proper system and process in place for value delivery.

What Is PMI’s View?

Based on research and analysis conducted by PMI through the on-going project management activities required, todays project management professional’s work in a number of different project environments and use various approaches to manage the projects. In view of this, the PMP Certification will be reflecting this and will include the various approaches across the spectrum of value delivery system. PMP certification price.

Old Vs New

The question should not be about new and revised PMP Certification is better than earlier PMP Certification, because end of the day the principles, concepts and processes of Project Management remain the same. The question should be whether PMP Certification is upgrading itself as per the changes coming in terms of newer technologies and processes in product development and project management to accommodate these changes. It is very important for the new and revised PMP Certification to embrace these changes and make them as part of the curriculum for all future aspirants to take knowledge and advantage of it, in terms of getting the appropriate jobs available in the world market in the current scenario. When will PMBOK 7th edition be released?

What’s in store in New Syllabus?

The new and revised PMP Certification is doing just that, by introducing the concept of agile and hybrid along with the traditional project management, PMP Certification is trying to ensure that as per the need of the project managed by purely traditional or agile way or it requires hybrid approach execution of tasks. It is trying to focus on the things and implement it where it suits best at that point of time keeping in mind the cost and time factor which is a most critical factor from the organization point of view. PMI application.

It is been said that the new and revised PMP Certification is going to cover nearly 40-50% of questions based on agile and hybrid product development methodology. Agile / Scrum being comparatively easy to learn, understand and implement; it is one way or the other going to benefit the candidates to answer these questions correctly and this increases their chances of clearing the otherwise most difficult PMP Certification Exam.

Changes in Pattern of Exam

PMI has also scrapped the process of pre-test questions so there is no discrepancy in the minds of candidates as all questions (180) will undergo assessment. This makes it very clear for each candidate about studying properly and answering all questions without having the fear in minds that whatever questions they were sure to get marks for will fall under pre-test questions as per earlier format.


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