How Do I Renew My PMP Certification?


The renewal process for PMP Certification is very simple. Try and understand that once a professional gets PMP Certified, the certification is valid for 3 years after which it gets expired. If the 3 years’ time expired without the certification renewal the certification status changes to suspended.

If one does not complete the 1 year suspension period, the status of certification will change to expired. This means almost the end of the world for any certified PMP professional who did not renew his or her certification. When it comes to this stage even having sufficient PDUs in hand would not matter. PMI PMP cost.

Be Aware of the Latest Status of Your PDUs and PMP Certification

It is extremely important that one should always make use of the CCRS (Continuing Certification Requirements System) to ensure the PMP Certification and PDUs are up-to-date. The CCRS is an internet based portal and solution which facilitates easy-to-use dashboard for keeping a track of the following:

  • Whether your PDUs achieved are meeting your CCRS criteria
  • The number of days until your PMP Certification expiration date
  • No of PDUs still needs to be achieved to renew your certification.

60 PDUs which meet the CCRS criteria are must to renew your PMP Certification

The criteria for gaining this 60 PDUs is as follows…

  1. Seeking continuous education and keeping yourself update with what is happening around the globe in terms of technological advances etc. one must has at least 35 PDUs in this particular category or requirement. This can be achieved by attending webinars from PMI which happen across the globe and which are related to self-up gradation topics and project management knowledge enhancement. Every hour of webinar attended will fetch 1 PDU. PMI exam cost.
  2. The other criteria is giving back to the profession – like conducting training for Project Management to eligible employees in your organization with the approval of top management. Once you are PMP Certified, you are entitled to conduct training in your organization for the purpose of fetching PDUs only and not as a professional trainer where you can open your own training institute and start teaching. PMP exam cost 2021.

Every hour of training conducted can fetch you 1 PDU, that way one can earn up to 25 PDUs. In this way once can earn the required 60 PDUs for Certification renewal. Once a Certification is renewed, it is valid for 3 years. One must always keep a track of CCRS progress up-to-date by regularly submitting PDU claims for validation. PMP Certification Canada.

Once a professional earns 60 PDUs, he or she will be notified by PMI to submit a renewal application along with paying a renewal fee, if you are an active member of PMI then you must pay 60 USD else a Non-member has to pay 150 USD as Certification Renewal Fees. PMP exam results.

Once you certification is renewed for 3 more years you are entitled to use the greatly desired or envied, in other words in-demand PMP Certification credentials. There are other ways to earn your PDUs, one such good source is through Project portal. PMI PMP exam cost.

If anyone fails to renew the certification even within one year, then it is most likely that he or she has to take the PMP Certification Exam again to gain back the most prestigious credential, which for many is a mammoth task and can be avoided by submitting and getting approved your PDUs on or before time.

A PMP Certification always puts your career on a fast track, it assists in climbing the career ladder at a faster rate as well as enhances your pay grade exponentially.

Why A Criteria of Every 3 Year Renewal

This particular strategy from PMI is basically aimed to keep the PMP Certified professional updated with the current technology and all the current best practices, principles and processes being used for effective project management. PMP exam failure rate.

Imagine a situation where one obtained his or her PMP Certification in the year 2000 and it was given for a lifetime, now whatever new technology or best practices were learnt during that time may not be and will not be applicable and relevant in the current year of 2023, because they all will be obsolete and out dated. PMP exam duration.

To keep the professional up-to-date with latest technology and best practices, PMI has kept the criteria of Certification Renewal after every 3 years.  The Continuous Certification Requirements System (CCRS) program by PMI ensures the various ways and methods to retain the PMP Certification, by continuous learning, working as a Project Manager, conducting training for other PMP aspirants and volunteering for PMI related principles and processes. PMP exam difficulty level.

The sole aim of this program is to keep your certification intact while keeping your project management skills enhanced and updated and better aligned with latest changes. As per this program the progress is measured in terms of PDUs, one can track your own PDUs by accessing the CCRS program portal and keep on recording the time and effort spent on learning the new trends and concepts in the relevant field of Project Management as well as actively teaching, monitoring and volunteering. PMP certification exam fees.

It is important to maintain proper documentation of your PDUs earned from PMI, to avoid any last minute hassle at the time of submission of your PDUs. For more information on the renewal of each and every type of PMI Certification one can refer the CCR Handbook. Is the PMP exam difficult?

If one is a working Project Manager, he or she can claim 5 hours / each year in PDU Credits, that amounts to 15 of the necessary 60 hours or 25% just for working in an organization as a Project Manager or being employed. If you have used your knowledge and skill to benefit any non-profit organization or club, you can count some of those hours as well. How to register for PMP exam?

There are many places to obtain free PDUs, if you do a search “free PDU” you will find ample sites to fetch free PDUs. Even PMI has many free PDUs available to members so join it. If one exceeds the number of 60 PDUs in one particular cycle, don’t worry it will not go waste, instead it can be carried forward to the next year / next cycle, giving you a head start for the subsequent set of 60 PDUs.

This way one has to never pay for any PDUs to obtain, the advice is never fall behind in submitting PDUs always do it ahead of time so that all the review and approval process is done from PMI side well before the date arrives for official submission of PDUs to PMI.


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