How Reputable Is PMP Certification?


It’s inevitable that experience is the most important and precious thing and it cannot be achieved overnight, instead it comes over time. Eventually one can gain hands on or on the job practical experience on field. However do you feel it’s enough? Don’t you not feel something is missing and there is still a void in my career? What is pulling you back from deserving all those salary hikes and promotions (designation wise)? PMP prices.

It’s a question of getting yourself upgraded and updated with what’s happening latest in the world of Project Management and technologies around. In short getting yourself certified for the betterment of your career growth and salary increment. That is where the PMP Certification comes into picture if one chooses the path to have a managerial role at some point in his or her career. If you already are a Project Manager and it’s your passion to pursue your career into it, then PMP Certification is just right for you. It will open up ways and means to all your aspirations and goals as a Project Manager. Best PMP exam simulator.

Facts & Figures of PMP Certification

It’s mentioned that PMP Certification is recognized and accepted in almost every nation in the world (at least 90% of countries). It’s implied that PMP Certified professional can manage numerous areas of Project Management which includes Risk & Stakeholder, Resources required for project, keeping a close eye on Quality and Cost of Project, Procuring adequate (not too less and not too more) things required for Project, forecasting proper scope of projects so that there are no last minute surprises, scheduling and planning tasks and operations accordingly. Maintaining effective communication with Team Members, Stakeholders, Clients etc. at all times. PMP certification fee.

The want and demand for PMP Certification has been ever increasing across the globe as its popularity and awareness keeps on growing. It actually bridges the gap or void between necessary skillset which is in demand vis-à-vis work experience. Those candidates who aspire to be a part of Project Management stream but lack the sufficient experience and not fit into the eligibility criteria for doing PMP Certification can join CAPM (Certified Associate Project Management) Certification. PMP certification test cost.

This will fetch them an associate level leadership role as Project Manager or Team Leader. Getting PMP Certified increases your chances of getting hired by companies more often than for people who are not certified. PMP contact hours.

PMP Certification Merits & Credentials

PMP Certification is currently the Numero Uno (number one) certification for Project Management in the world today. Its recognized as a globally renowned credential, and those who are entitled to it are those project managers who aim and desire to reach their career peak more sooner than later. PMP is definitely not an easy exam to pass. On the contrary it’s the most difficult and challenging exam to pass and it would take serious amount of studies (couple of months at least with daily 2 to 3 hours). 35 hours now it’s 36 of project management education training.

The Project Management profession can be considered as the most sought after or in demand or hottest jobs across the world with at least 22 lakhs of project management professionals required in the world by 2027. At present there may be over 10-12 lakh PMP professionals in the world, and as per PMI estimation, almost 8.8 Crore individuals will be required world over for new project oriented roles. Cost for PMP certification.

PMP Certification is believed to land you with attractive and lucrative jobs in almost all of the domains available, to name a few IT, Healthcare, Finance, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, and Automobiles etc. With almost more than 10 Lakhs PMP Certified professionals across the globe drawing on an average 25 to 30% more salary than their Non-Certified partners. PMP certificate cost.

PMP Certification’s Global Popularity

As by the virtue of most, PMP Certification is one of the most sought after, worldwide acknowledged professional certification that showcases your experience and professional knowledge in the various domains of project management, that is the reason certified professionals are in demand in the world and hence they draw almost 25-30% more salaries than non-certified professionals. Since the distribution of weightage is 50-50 in terms of percentage for experience and certification. How much is PMI membership?

More over PMP Certification offers global recognition and acknowledgement for your project management talent and skills and multiples your earning potential, on an average a  certified and well experienced professional can earn more than 1 Lakh USD per annum in the USA. A PMP Certified professional attains a greater market reach and higher exposure. Current PMBOK edition.

There are always online special forums and webinars to upgrade your knowledge and keep it in sync with the latest, even if you are certified, and that helps in renewing your certification every 3 years and keep you afloat. One always gets better job opportunities than the other once certified. As per the Price Water House Coopers analysis almost 80% of critical and high value in terms of money and performance projects deploy certified PMP professionals. What is the latest PMBOK edition?

More Data & Plus Points of PMP

Also as per the PMI Pulse of the profession data companies with more than 35% or more PMP Certified professionals have showcased much higher and better performance than the rest of Non PMP people. PMP Certification provides hands-on verification and validation to one’s merits and credentials as the eligibility criteria itself demands both work experience as well as completing the mandatory training sessions and study post training. How to verify PMP certification?

PMP Certified candidates showcase much better performance of the projects. On the basis of getting trained on the latest topics and modules and covering case studies to understand the real world situations and occurrences. In turn there is better clarity to human resource or hirers or recruiters. You merits and credentials showcased offer to attract headhunters from around the world. PMP certification pass rate.

Since PMP is applicable to all industries not just IT, one can always make a choice to work outside a specific industry and give it a shot to other industry domains where you really wanted to work. PMP Certification should be treated as an investment for your future rather than looking upon it as a needless expense. This mindset will make you take right decision and open an ally to success in your career growth and associated salary hike. One positive aspect about having PMP Certified Professionals are secured evn in recession and economic downfall to a major extent. PMP fees.

PMI is a not-for-profit organization and obviously has the first right and say on all project management related certifications around the globe. As per the current syllabus there are 5 basic steps of project management.

Initiation – it’s the first and foremost step of project management and includes defining the project, identify the stakeholders, and find out project feasibility.

Planning – this step includes preparing outline of the project, it also involves cost of projects, the hierarchy of tasks and events, communication and co-ordination with stakeholders, various schedules, risks and budget aspect of project.

Execution: The execution stage is where the project plan is evaluated and the actual work of execution in other words, putting the project plan into action begins. This phase you need to start carefully as planned and ensure you are not drifting from the planned.

Monitoring and Controlling: This is a combined phase which consists of maintaining and / or tracking the progress of project and keep comparing it with plan if it’s going accordingly. In this phase its critical to carry out quality control checks through this entire phase.

Closure: This is the last and most important phase of the project stages, where all your hard work needs to be executed properly, this phase consists of delivering the product to the customer and expecting their feedback on it. Closure phase also requires to evaluate that all the steps in the projects were executed as discussed and planned with clients and stakeholders.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification will give you dual benefit of increasing your skill-set for the advancement in your career and it will also better the performance of the project. As per the above reputation of PMP by this time you must have realized why one should take up PMP Certification as part of his career growth, salary hike and satisfaction to deliver the product with its best performance. PMP difficulty.

PMP is merely a 3 letter word but it’s a buzz word for the recruiters as everyone of it keeps searching for it in resumes to check if one has done it. It can be considered as a community who has been pitching in and putting in over the years their expertise to form the principles, processes and best practices across domains for project management, which is by the way a very difficult thing to do as it requires so much visionary person and analysis and thorough study on each of the domain knowledge. PMP fee.


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