How To Earn PDU’s To Maintain Your PMP Certification?

Use of Your PMP Certification

Once you clear the exam, you bestowed with the PMP certification. You may consider yourself be referred as a PMP certification holder until your certification is in active status. You are even eligible to use the PMP designation in capital letters in front of your name on websites, your email signatures, business cards, resumes, personal letterheads etc.

Kindly make a note that as part of the PMP certification application procedure, as a candidate you accept to adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and the Certification Application/Renewal Agreement. In other words among all other compliance, you are liable to use the PMP designation in the way stated above and not use it in any other unauthorized manner, or in product names, domain names, company names etc.

 Certificate Package

Within 2-month period, you will get a certification package from PMI that consist of:

 Congratulatory letter

 all details about maintaining and certification renewal

 Certification certificate

Both of these documents list your:

 PMP Certification number—a unique identification code used by PMI to manage and keep a track of your individual certification records

 Your certification cycle dates

You would always store this information in a secured and readily available location. At any point of time a candidate may need to refer this stored information to report various activities related to professional development to manage your certification. Until the time you receive your certificate package stuff, you may use your immediate soft copy exam report / result (readily available online / internet through the certification system) to verify and validate your certification status.

Online Certification Registry

There is an Online Certification Registry maintained by PMI which list’s names of all the certification holders across the globe with their expiry date / renewal details etc. This particular facility or feature you can say assists employers, service purchasers and others to verify various certification holders for their own advantage and benefit. This feature users can find for holders of various certification given by PMI with their country and / or first name, last name,.

Certification holders always have a choice where they can choose to be removed from the listing of the registry, just because your name does not appear in the registry anymore does not mean that you are not a certified professional, its individual choice of not being reflected in the PMI Certification Registry. In the registry, you have an option to opt out or even modify your demographic information by visiting

Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program Overview

This program is related to the renewal of your certification after expiry for another period of 3 years and it assists the continuous professional and academic development of all the certification holders and that they are always ready to face the complex business environment of today’s world.

The aim of the Continuing Certification Requirement program is to:

  • Upgrade constant learning and development for all certification holders
  • Give a proper path in development areas to make sure it is relevant to the certified professionals.
  • Motivate, promote and provide recognition to each certification holder individual ample learning opportunities
  • Provide a structure or strategy for gaining and noting it down professional development activities
  • Maintain all over the world, value and recognition of all PMI certifications

All the candidates who have any of the PMI Certifications except CAPM should manage their certifications through participation in the CCR program and renewal of their respective certifications every 3 years. A candidate must be involved in various activities related to learning and development, which gives certification holders to achieve these Professional Development Units (PDUs), satisfying the condition of continuing certification requirements and finally progressing and developing as a professional.

PMI very well understands that each candidate has varied professional needs and aspirations. The CCR program is made in such a way to be flexible so that it can accommodate to those needs and permit you to customize your CCR tasks. The CCR program gives a general guidance and framework —you need to find out your ultimate CCR and development path.


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