Is PMP Certification Compulsory To Become Project Manager?


Although PMP Certification is not mandatory to become a Project Manager, it is always advisable and must-do, very much recommended certification if one wants to excel in his or her career growth and salary hike. Since PMP Certification is very widely recognized across the globe, every other organization demands they want certified PMP Professionals to be working on their projects, rather than non-certified ones. PMP exam price.

PMP Certification will definitely be fruitful and beneficial in advancing ones career growth in Project Management. It actually showcases to management that you have obtained the necessary skills and know-how and off course the required experience to handle the projects effectively, at the same time it makes the professional with this certification more competitive in the job market. Passing PMP.

If one is interested in becoming a successful project manager in his or her career then experts would recommend getting PMP Certification under your belt considering it to be a value-add to your existing knowledge and skill-set. PMP list.

As Per Technological Changes

As per the continuous embracement of technology, and fast movement to could computing methods for the day-to-day project operations, organizations, businesses and stakeholders are on the hunt for modern and effective project management training which adhere to and implement these latest technologies as far as possible. There is always a common query or doubt for many of the new and aspiring project managers as well as all the existing project managers, whether there is compulsion of or mandate to do PMP Certification in order to achieve a new or highly profound project manager. PMP price.

Before we discuss any further, let me state that it’s not compulsory or mandatory to have PMP Certification to be a Project Manager, with that being stated it is also important and critical to know how a PMP Certification is beneficial and advantageous for all categories (new and existing) of Project Managers across the globe. PMP certification passing score.

The first and foremost benefit of PMP Certification is that it reflects your dedication and commitment to your role and responsibility as a Project Manager in addition it shows your passion and willingness to upgrade your know of managing risks to become even more better at what you do best. PMP number.

Seek The Right Information

One must ask the question do you need to be a Certified Project Manager. If a professional is serious about his or her career in Project Management then this is precisely the question one must be asking to oneself. Although there are many professionals who are working in leadership roles like Project Managers or Team Leaders and have not obtained the official Project Management Certification. PMP status.

Normally such employees are from a small scale to medium scale organizations, where the awareness and importance of having such certification is much less, and there is minimal understanding of the benefits and advantages of learning the principles, processes and best practices of such training and certification which is eventually going to help the project to excel. Latest PMBOK.

This scenario is changing eventually and more and more companies are getting aware that even if they are operation on a smaller scale they should hire certified professionals in project management, which is going to benefit the project which in turn is going to benefit the company. 35 hours of project management education/training.

Also there are many such abbreviations and acronyms to various certifications like PMP, CPM, CBAP, and MPM etc. which keep the candidates in a confused state as to which certification they should go for. Hence it is very important that every candidate studies and understands the relevance and importance of all these certification and which one he or she should go for which will assist them in their career as well as their goal. Latest PMBOK edition.

There are many different paths and routes for professionals working in project management, as well as there are various qualifications that cover start-up jobs which is directed to give you a know-how and understanding of the project environment which reach right up to Project Directors etc. here the selection and level of choice or option can become an issue, if one is not sure which course or qualification to pursue. PMP exam application.

The most easy way out to this problem is to look upon your peers and subordinates and find out which certifications they hold, off course only pursue those peers and subordinates whose careers you have seen flourishing and going higher after doing these certifications. Project management professional certification cost. PMP application process.

What Project Management Certification Indicates?

  • First of all it showcases how much one cares about project management as a career goal to navigate through all the challenges and expenses of enrolling, properly studying and then sitting for the exams.
  • It simply demonstrates that you have enough know-how of the various approaches to project management and how to effectively implement them.

In most of the scenarios it gives the hirer or employer a sign or direction about the kind of experience you possess while working in a project environment, since to achieve PMP Certification in terms of qualification the candidate has to log almost 4500 hours of leading and directing projects experience across various competencies. PMP certification number.

What certification does prove is how good a particular candidate is, although you could have gained those many hours of experience on a project which eventually was shut down due to some or the other mismanagement. By mere qualification a future employer may not understand if your clients or customers were happy with your work or not or in other sense how flexible you can be moulding the various project management techniques to suit the needs of the client and team and stakeholders etc. here even the environment you are working also matters. Latest PMP edition.

Who Needs Certification?

Actually no one needs certification or in others words to put it is not a primitive requirement like food, clothing and shelter without which we cannot survive. However when the career or job market is challenging and competitive, having project management certification like PMP is advantageous to score points over others and to get preference over others when it comes to lining of interviews. How much is PMP?

As per PMI’s talent gap report there will be millions of project management positions open by 2022 and beyond and its demand is going to ever increase. It goes without saying that doing certification leads to better salaries. Many reports in the past have suggested that certified professionals have drawn and will continue to draw more salaries than non-certified professionals in the future as well. PMP latest edition.

Experts also say that having a PMP Certification under your belt, gives more energy and confidence to continue working in the field of project management. It is always pleasing and good feeling to have letters of recommendation and certificates on walls of your name, it can be a real and tangible boost to your performance, especially when you are working with people who are difficult to convince and expect very high standards of delivery in terms of operations and quality. PMP certification register.

Many feel that PMP Certification is merely a proof that one understands the principles, processes and best practices of project management, however it will be relevant only wen has the practical, on the job or hands-on experience and is dealing with real life scenarios, situations and have resolved issues that arise during the execution of these live projects. New PMBOK 2021

Although just having a PMP Certification does not guarantee to make you become a good project manager, it will surely help you to fetch a good job with aspired position and decent salary hike. To quote an example on this would be, normally a client may not have the know-how or expertise in the required domain or field, then they would depend on the professionals who have done certifications in the respective domain to guide them in the right direction and make sure they have all the necessary skills and qualities to implement these projects successfully. This can be considered as another benefit of doing these certifications. PMP online registry.

It is always good to earn a prestigious certification like PMP to boost your professional career and knowledge, looking at the popularity of this certification the requirement is almost 7 out of 10 individuals to be certified professionals. The entire perspective changes when one gets certified. The client and your employer will always have a credible professionals who will assist in achieving the objectives of a successful project.

To summarize this discussion even if PMP Certification is not compulsory to become a Project Manager it’s a must have certification to be a successful project manager in your career.


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