Is PMP Certification Helpful For Electrical Engineers?


It will definitely be helpful. However if one sees himself of herself take a liking towards continuing being a technical person, then going into managerial stream may not be that helpful, if your passion and interest lies in being purely technical. PMP exam cost.

Although it’s not the case in real life scenario, normally, I would say almost 80% to 90% of the times professionals choose to eventually take the managerial stream when they have taken sufficient experience and knowledge in technical stream, as everyone likes to grow in the industry designation wise along with the monetary benefits. PMP look up.

PMP Certification Useful For Engineers

All the Project Managers of today were some or the other engineers of yester years, and they have made it through to their professional journey from an individual contributor to a team leader and eventually into a Project Managers, their journey has not being easy at all as there pose many challenges on their way up the professional ladder, long hours of work, commitment to projects, work life balance, staying healthy at all times are the key factor to make your career upstream smooth. Project manager certification cost.

If one is looking forward to managing a technical project in which he was once a team leader or an individual contributor then PMP Certification will definitely help. If you don’t keep yourself properly upgraded in terms of getting certification, then the engineers who start their role as project managers without having a deep understanding of Project Management without proper training and guidance, will struggle to maintain the quality of the project along with its timeliness and productivity and most importantly the delivery as per client’s expectations. How long is the PMP EXAM?

If one wants to stay in technical stream then he or she can give PMP Certification a miss. However if you are yearning to be a manager in the future then as per my opinion it’s a must to have PMP Certification. Learning project management is a combination of training, experience in executing the projects, managing projects, understanding the business perspective and most importantly working with the team members or people around it. PMP pass score.

Being a Good Manager Is Important

It takes time and effort to become a good project manager and PMP Certification can be considered as a stepping stone for it. Initial years there was a misconception that PMP Certification was useful only in IT industry, but with the inclusion of Agile in the syllabus and more and more projects getting dynamic, even electrical engineers doing PMP Certification get benefited. PMP lookup.

As far as electrical engineering is concerned the size of projects is generally huge and it expects or demands minimal to almost zero tolerance and slippages, thus PMP Certification facilitates all the necessary insights into the excellence of electrical project / program management. PMP costs.

There are instance where electrical engineers spend years designing and developing electrical circuits, MCBs, PCBs (printed Circuit Boards) etc. and later use this technical knowledge to get into managerial stream, it gives a greater understanding of all the technical work being performed in a project and then it becomes easier to manage the project more efficiently. PMP passing score 2021.

Benefit to Electrical Engineers

The advantage to an electrical engineer is when on a project, he or she is either a part of it or managing it as a project coordinator or manager to initiate, manage and take it to completion in a most effective way as planned or which is practically feasible based on the know-how and the various implementation techniques a PMP Certification provides him or her with. Is a PMP worth it?

  • Most Known Language of Operation And Image

Report of project management will give a standard working language and a scenario of the process of performing project management effectively. A project manager will make necessary informed changes to align with your business, specific circumstances and company until the base is set. One can revisit the previous projects and understand where a newer and more robust approach could have been generated through the implementation of body of the project management skilled professional. PMP passing score.

  • Assists You In Maintaining Leadership And Teamwork

Project Management can be considered less of a technical issues or problems and more and more of non-technical like managerial, commercial, resource related issues and problems. Once you develop a project management expertise it then allows you to create a framework for building other skills required to be successful in a project like strategic analysis, teamwork, effective communication etc. PMP verify.

In an engineering school or college we usually never learn these skills as much as we would like to and hence many engineers would pass through their whole career never learning these skills ever. Is PMP worth it 2020?

  • Improvisation In Effectiveness

The manager is responsible to manage the project in such a way that it stays within its budget, scope and time frame. He or she is also expected to mentor and engage with team members of the project and a whole bunch of stakeholders. The project manager’s effectiveness lies in willingness of team members to understand that almost 80% of what tasks they carry out on a daily basis are non-technical for ex. Handling client or stakeholders expectation, communication with someone, sorting out a personal concern of a team member which is hampering his or her productivity.

The project manager’s effectiveness in dealing with all the above situations that may occur will be analyzed or measured by their skills and knowledge.

  • Helping With Replicating Progress

One reason can be identified is by taking out of equation the time taken to develop them, they tend boost efficiency and maximize productivity. The 2nd reason is by using or applying the same SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), to the next project, as it is know that SOP can generate a good project. Also you can increase the chance of successful project by replicating the same SOP. Work experience can assist in creating good and everlasting SOPs, at the same time knowing which ones to modify or change for which particular project.

  • Enhanced Performance

The skills of project management assist to enhance the productivity of going from start of the project to closing it successfully. It actually means one should have a mental model, flowcharts, primary operating procedures and processes, and models generated for each of the five phases of a project. Also one should have a fair idea of how a particular project will unfold going forward.

If one wants to pursue his or her career as Electrical Engineer, the first and foremost thing required is an electrical engineering degree, eventually climbing up the professional ladder when that individual starts feeling the need of leading and direct projects, it is time when he can go for PMP Certification, ideally this certification as such has no direct impact on the electrical engineering knowledge or domain knowledge of an individual. It will help in managing any projects (be it electrical engineering projects or any other) more effectively and efficiently.

PMP Certification will focus more on a professional’s managerial skills and aspects and domain knowledge is something which it is independent of. As all of you are aware that PMP Certification is not domain specific and is a generic Project Management Certification. It would cater to any domain or stream as along as one pursues interest in performing a leadership role in the future in his or her projects.


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