Is PMP Certification In Demand In The USA?


The answer is definitely Yes! In fact PMP Certification or for that matter any certification which has a worldwide accreditation is always in demand in the USA and other foreign countries. The fact is most of the foreign countries, certification comes first and has precedence over experience. Not that experience is not necessary or mandatory but yes unless one has a certification in hand, he or she will not proceed further in the rounds of interview conducted for that particular position. Cost PMP.

The organization in USA are of the opinion that once a person gets certified in a particular field, stream or domain, obviously he or she becomes the SME (Subject Matter Expert) for it, and this expertise comes from experience. So basically certification and experience complement each other. Either one cannot survive alone and help to gain leverage to achieve a job or to fill the appropriate position in the organization. Cost of project management certification.

One more solid reason as to why PMP Certification is most popular and in demand in the USA is because its native from here. As all of you are very well aware that Project Management Institute (PMI) is from USA and they have been the pioneers of providing the world’s most sought after and in-demand certification for Project Management – Project Management Professional (PMP). Is project management certification worth it?

The other important point to note is when one clears PMP Certification, they become member of the global PMI community, which has the world’s largest network of Project Management Professionals, and this factor plays a major role in assisting a professional to get a job if he or she decides to migrate to some other country. Is a project management certificate worth it?

Respect for PMP Certification in USA

PMP Certification is very well respected and well received in USA for almost all of the Project Management positions. All project managers are very well aware that it is not always indicative of how better or well a particular person is performing, there are always abstract factors involved which cannot be seen or measured but still they exist and carry importance in the performance of a particular person. Passing score for PMP.

There can be instances where professional having a PMP Certification is still struggling to perform to the peak in the actual management of the project, on the other hand a person with no certification can perform better based on his smartness and practical experience. Passing score PMP.

Although many have experience that doing PMP Certification gave them a humongous and giant boost to their project management career. Many professionals while working as a basic level project coordinator role, after passing PMP exam have immediately been moved to a higher position as a project manager and above and were asked to take on the job experience while performing that role, but they just wanted to fill up the position first with a PMP Certified professionals. Also giving them higher pay package than before. How hard is the PMP EXAM?

Based on the statistics above one gets a fair idea of how important and highly required PMP Certification is. Doing PMP Certification gives one credibility to enter into any kind of interview situation. Once selected you have to showcase your project management skills as per the domain you are asked to work on. It often proves a game changer for many. Value of PMP certification.

Statistics of PMP Certified Across Globe

PMP Certification is recognized across the world with more than 7 Lakhs active candidates with more than 207 countries and regions. The certification is designed precisely to analyze and ensure a professionals competence at leading and directing a project management activity. PMP Certification also goes well beyond to analyze a professionals on their ethics, continual development, adaptability, education and work experience front. PMP certification value.

It is for the above reason that PMP Certification is sought after by at least 36% of high intensity and performance projects across the world. It is focused exclusively for experienced professionals. The candidate needs to register with PMI to continue the PMP Certification accreditation for more than 3 years. What is the value of PMP CERTIFICATION?

PMP Certification assists you with a certain degree of prestige and global accessibility to vacancies with higher compensation packages while it is very well recognized in USA. PMI always issues a PMP Certificate based on your successfully clearing the exam. The record of the candidates passing the exam is also published in the PMI Registry with a unique number assigned to each certification holder. This is the way the authenticity of the certificate is verified.

Since PMP Certification is highly valued and well respected in both India and USA, it does not matter (as far as getting a job based on PMP Certification) to settle in either of the country. Although the lifestyle of settling in either of the country varies a lot.

PMP Certification is equally important in countries other than USA. Since the presence of PMI is worldwide and its existence in more than 217 countries, with local chapters over 180 countries. In USA or any other country for that matter having PMP Certification is kind of a checkbox in the application process, similar to having a degree. It is definitely required but just having it won’t fetch you a good job, you need work experience as well in equal measures to actually implement the learning’s from PM into your live projects to make it more effective.

Diversified Experience Required

Nowadays organizations are looking out for PMP professionals with diversified experience both in traditional project management (Waterfall Model) as well as Agile Project Management, as many of the projects run on either of it or a combination of it which is called as Hybrid model. Specially the projects running in USA are more advanced and require this kind of experience more so that for projects running in countries like India or other developing nations.

Generally the standard methodologies, principles and processes which you learnt from the training and certification of PMP, may not be followed as it is in real life as they get tweaked and modified according to what’s best suited and workable in terms of deliverables and profits to the company. This change won’t be hard to adopt for PMP professionals because they are trained and made aware of such changes in situations which occur time and again during actual project execution.

Companies change the methods to meet the demands of the client or customers, and rely mostly on their stakeholders and management influenced with GANTT charts earned value calculations and measurements. It simply means whatever theory or data you put in a slide deck, you have to have a strong evidence or compelling story when asking for project extension and increase in budget.

What Do Candidates Living In USA Have To Say

The immediate word which comes to the mouth to this question is Absolutely!. PMP is the most recognized certification in the US. In fact it is recognized in the entire world. Not just US but people living in Canada also say that PMP is the most recognized. There would hardly be any job opening which does not mention the requirement of PMP either in the US or Canada.

USA contains maximum no of PMP professionals, the number could go above half a million easily as of now and growing every day when compared to the total no of PMP professionals across the world.


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