Is PMP Certification Worth In India For Project Management Jobs?


To answer this question in short its “Yes”, A PMP Certification is now become the norm, if someone is looking for a career in Project Management across industries. This certification gains even more importance if one is looking to work globally or outside India. Although the cost of PMP Certification is slightly on the higher side it’s definitely worth it in terms of the benefits one gets after getting certified and that too for long term. PMI certification exam cost.

One should look at PMP Certification as an investment to career growth and salary hike rather that treating it as a onetime big expense. With PMP Certification comes a recurring cost to maintain it every 3 years, however that is the right approach by PMI since its keeps a PMP professional up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies including best practices which keep on changing every 3 to 4 years. PMI membership renewal.

According to one of the PMP Certified expert the answer to the above question is a big YES! And it’s not only worth doing it as per him but highly in demand and most respected certification in the world. PMP Canada.

Many of the fortune organizations and huge corporations are nowadays demanding PMP Certified professionals and are making it as a mandate eligibility for their project management roles offered in their companies even at major vacancies at a leadership level. PMP Certification can be an initial and primary proof that you are aware of Project Management, it can even fetch you an interview for the similar leadership role in any company. PMI test cost.

This does not mean that people without PMP Certification will not be called for interviews, however a PMP Certified professional has better opportunity to be called for interview as well as to be selected for the suitable post in Project Management. PMP first time pass rate.

Indian Market for PMP Professionals

Another reason why it’s worth doing PMP Certification in India is because it has a very huge economy and there are literally crores of businesses and companies which are operation in India either in a small, medium or large scale. Also because of the technological revolution which has taken place in India from the past 10 years and is growing rapidly across the states, the ambitions and aspirations of all the businesses and organizations have grown 10 fold than before. PMP exam fees 2021.

The technology and improved and increased the capabilities and reach, more and more companies are planning larger and larger projects which require efficient Project Management and hence the need of PMP Certified professional. Also these projects are filled with larger than life innovative designs for global expansion and world domination. How much is a project management certification?

Although these grand designs look very nice on paper they are actually very challenging to bring them into reality and there are a lot of requirements to be fulfilled before they can be executed and brought to use. The first step to get these designs into reality is to bring large number of highly skilled and competitive project managers.

Why PMP Certification for Project Management Jobs

  1. Giving a lot of credibility to the employee automatically:

As we are aware that PMP Certification is widely respected and recognized certification across the globe, as a result of this when a professional acquires PMP Certification all the organizations and businesses across the globe in the corporate world give them a lot of recognition and respect for what he has achieved. PMP pass rate 2021.

  1. PMP Certification is an indication that the employee deserves an higher remuneration:

Since the PMP Certification Exam is reputed to be the most difficult exam to clear amongst all the professional certification exams in the world. Obviously when a candidate acquires PMP Certification, the HR Managers across all businesses and organizations understand about this individual must possess the capacity to hard work and is having high amount of intelligence and an extremely sharp memory as well. Hence the individual deserves high salary. PMI exam fee.

  1. PMP Certification provides an individual to work in any sector, domain or industry:

There is always a huge requirement and want for Project Managers across the globe in every sector and domain because of its immense benefits which we already know. Hence a PMP professional can easily find a suitable job opening in any industry or organization where they value the importance of Project Management. PMP without degree.

  1. PMP Certification showcases and proves the merits and credentials of an individual:

Since the PMP Certification exam is very well known to be the most difficult exam in the world for Project Management, as a result the one who achieves this certification is considered very talented, meritorious and is well respected in the professional / corporate world.

  1. Access and entry into the Corporate World For PMP Professionals:

As there are many different PMI-Chapters across different countries in the world for PMP Certified professionals, PMP Certified professionals will have access to all these chapters and can get benefited from the networking opportunities within those chapters be it for job, for doing any further certifications etc.

Whenever PMP Certification is in question, the first dilemma comes to mind is the cost of certification vs its benefits. However many experts believe its benefits outweighs the cost and should be treated as an investment. Some of the quick advantages it provides are,

  • Increases the opportunity to earn more
  • Its puts your career on a fast track
  • There is an indirect job security since you would be working on critical projects.
  • It adds weightage to your CV.
  • Provides global (worldwide) job opportunities.


As there is always a demand for quality services and goods, which can be provided and achieved by professionals with discipline and are organized, PMP Certification not only teaches the Project Management principles and best practices but also induces the above qualities in an individual while he or she is on the path and journey of becoming a PMP Certified person.

So in today’s dynamic and demanding world the employers and clients are in look out for individuals who can deliver all those benefits a PMP Certified possess during his training and preparing for the exam.

Today’s scenario in India who is emerging as the global leader in world economy, trade, exports etc. The best way to enhance your career will be a PMP Certification for individuals from all walks of life who are executing and managing projects at different levels.

With a lot of PMP Training Institutes providing PMP Certification Training across India, it is important to choose the right institute which has a PMI – ATP (Authorized Training Partnership) with good reviews both from candidates as well as PMI.

PMP Certification showcases a very high level of commitment to the field of project management as a career and profession. Nowadays the employers need their Senior Team Leaders and Project Managers to be PMP Certified and / or give hiring priority to PMP Certified people as it assists the organizations to be more productive, competitive and be able to meet their targets and goals.

The success rate of the projects tend to be associated directly with the project managers qualification, his understanding of the project management concepts and best practices and his overall work experience. PMP Certification is a sign of potential success and is considered as the most desirable certification in the world for Project Management.



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