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The answer to this question is obviously Yes, because PMP is a globally recognized certification for Project Management, rather I would say it’s the most popular and in demand certification for Project Management across the globe. Basically PMI Institute who provides PMP Certification is in itself a US based accreditation body, so it goes without saying that PMP Certification is in most demand in the United States of America. PMP certification cost India.

Although its popularity and demand is not just restricted to the US but also neighboring countries like Canada, South America, Mexico etc. so if one is PMP Certified and has a good domain knowledge and experience in his or her respective field, can get a job in countries other than India and that too worldwide. PMP cost.

Statistics of PMP Worldwide

PMI as a certifying body for PMP has a very influential and impactful presence and community with members spread across 217+ countries. It is stated as a fact that United States has the highest number of PMP Certification Holders, with the demand and want for more and more PMP Certified professionals ever increasing day by day. PMP verification.

Other countries like Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, Japan Canada and India also has a huge population of PMP Certified professionals moreover there is huge demand for more PMP professionals in these countries. How many questions are asked in the PMP exam?

Some professionals try to find a job opportunity in the USA while applying from India, however there is least possibility that one would be hired in such a scenario unless the skills and requirements of the role totally matches with the person applying for that job with exact amount of years of experience and just the right domain knowledge is possessed by the professional. But such scenarios are extremely rare to happen. How many questions in PMP exam?

Why Is It Difficult To Apply For USA Job

There are technical difficulties of VISA restrictions, USA does not want too many people coming from outside countries to take up jobs in their country (for that matter it is the policy of almost every country), as there would not be any opportunity left for fellow Americans to get these positions and jobs. However there is still and always will be demand for the right candidates for the job even if it meant to be from other countries, because finally getting the work done and projects completed exactly the way the customer expects is of the utmost importance. Project management certification cost.

The most preferable way to get a job in USA would be to be in USA first and foremost. Once you are a PMP Certified professional, it will be easier to work as a Project Manager in companies in India having their regional offices across the United States as well. Mostly IT companies fall in this category. The other way is to work on US based projects here in India first and then try n get an opportunity to work on-site for the projects in US etc. Pass rate for PMP.

This way once you land up in US, with a work permit, with all the paperwork and documentation done by your company for you, then you can have an opportunity to keep working for the same company for some time and start looking for a job within US for an American based company. PMP exam pass rate.

Sometimes experts feel that one’s character is most important than certifications. Their experiences are different from others and they feel that whoever in a Project Manager position not getting the ideal job or position in a company keeps piling up with certifications and put as many accolades and titles practically possible. In my opinion certification still matters the most and is very important in one’s career if he or she is looking out for career growth and salary hike in a leadership position, no matter what designation one lands up with. PMP exam passing score.

Dealing with People Is Important

If one knows how to deal with his team, peers and subordinates and delegate tasks to get the work done from them as manager without hurting their sentiments and making them slog and sometimes even getting involved in solving issues with them and not just ordering, then you can be a good manager even without the certification only when you are through in the job already. But to get to that position in a company one may need these certifications, titles and accolades for sure. Pass rate for PMP exam.

How to Tap the European Job Market?

You can start by updating your CV which will showcase and highlight your PMP Certification credentials, and enough experience that you have gained on live projects in organizations that makes you a good Project Manager. You can even highlight your key performances and achievements during the handling of the projects. How hard is PMP EXAM?

Make use of professional media like LinkedIn etc. with good search engines and networks with websites Indeed and Glassdoor which focuses on project management openings in the European sector specifically. Search for specific project management roles and responsibilities which match your profile and requirements. Is PMP exam hard?

Once you shortlist the vacancies of your interest, you can start preparing tailor-made or customized application set for each and every opening which you have short listed. Once you have submitted your applications to all those short listed openings you can start follow-up with them as to know the latest status of your applications. PMI certification registry.

Before and interview is scheduled, thoroughly and extensively do a research on the organization and get acquainted with the project or at least have a complete understanding of the project on which you may have to work on. Prepare yourself well for answering the common interview questions. PMP certification verification.

While the interview is in progress show your complete enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism for the role you are supposed to be selected. On the other hand be inclined to ask relevant and pertinent questions about the position you are being hired along with the organization. PMP certificate verification.

At the end wait for the offer and if you get one try and negotiate in a professional manner, take some days to give your decision even though you are keen to take that position, it will not show your desperation for the post. How long is PMP EXAM?

Country Statistics Offering Jobs for PMP Professionals

As per the rankings of the countries offering jobs for PMP Certified professionals, Switzerland ranks the top for hiring, next comes United States of America, in the third position is Australia, with fourth position occupied by Germany, then comes Netherlands, after that comes United Arab Emirates (UAE) in hiring PMP professionals, the 7th position is taken by New Zealand for hiring PMP Candidates, Next in line is Qatar for their various construction projects, united Kingdom comes in the 9th position for hiring and last but not the least comes Belgium.


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