What Could Be Your Review of PMP Certification?


In this blog we would be quoting a few opinions from experts about PMP Certification, Many feel PMP Certification is a continuous evolving process with taking in consideration several aspects of Project Management, including the now getting popular iterative or adaptive way of handling projects called as Agile. The latest (7th Edition) PMBOK is based on the agile way of project management and the age old waterfall model along with hybrid way which includes the combination of traditional and agile methodologies. PMP exam simulator software.

PMI is considered to be a very strategic and mature (gaining more and more experience) over a huge amount of period. With over a million PMP professionals across the globe definitely they are going in the right direction and path for career development and upbringing of professionals in the field of Project Management. What is the current PMBOK edition?

If you are struggling to enter into a leadership role (being a Team Leader or Project Manager), PMP Certification is the way forward which will assist you in your career growth and to reach the next level of leadership position in your career. PMP exam breakdown.

Some of the experts feel when PMP Certification was only focusing on traditional (waterfall) approach, there were certain limitations since it was having a rigid framework. However since the change in syllabus from 2021, even the basic framework was enhanced and agile way of project management was introduced which has been gaining popularity across the globe at a very rapid pace. PMP exam cost 2023.

Agile Way of Product Development

This happened because of the introduction of newer and newer technologies, tools, principles and processes implemented in the world today. PMI realized the fact with only traditional approach they are not going to survive and hence with a deep survey, analysis and study they felt the need to introduce the agile way of product development and project management. PMP certification in Canada.

Although many projects are still struggling to create a smooth blend between the traditional and agile way of managing projects. PMI is taking all efforts to categorize projects which fall under the hybrid model, since its practical usage has been ever increasing in live projects. PMP certification cost and eligibility.

PMP is the most predominate certification amongst all. It will swing you past HR very quickly. Although it may not make you a good project manager unless you have hands-on experience of project management, but it will definitely get you a head start to become one. That is the reason why work experience and PMP certification is treated equally when it comes to hiring. PMP certification renewal fee.

Setting You Apart From Others

PMP Certification will definitely set you apart from others, PMP professionals are often spotted managing projects effectively in numerous esteemed organizations across the world. One of the many benefits of PMP Certification is that it creates many job opportunities, it is worldwide recognized and accepted, your acquired skills remain in demand across the globe, better pay packages and faster career growth, it looks awesome on your resume, it will boost your confidence and morale whenever you are hunting for appropriate job. PMP failure rate.

It also enhances and solidifies your professional network, you get to connect people with similar skills and traits across the globe. You have to complete the pre-requisite of 35 contact hour certification training along with 3 years or 4500 hours of leading and directing projects experience if you are a graduate or post-graduate, for diploma holders the experience required is 5 years or 7500 hours.

Whenever you are looking out for a training institute to complete your 35 contact hour certification training make sure you are selecting PMI accredited institutes only, also known as PMI ATPs (Authorized Training Partner) with a certain ID assigned by PMI to the institute. For Example SarvaShikshan® e-Learning Training Institute which is a Premier ATP with PMI having ID: 4592.

To be very specific PMP Certification simply cannot make a bad project manager turn into good one, but it can certainly make a good project manager better than before, that is the biggest gift of doing PMP Certification. PMP is the most valued, globally accepted and accredited certification for Project Management, since its independent of domain can be applied to any context and stream hence the scope is immense. PMP Certification always speaks for itself and does not need any recommendation from anyone. It showcases the capability to lead, competence, educational quality, and the relevant work experience you have.

Why Employers Seek Certified Professionals

Because of the above mentioned points, the industry owners or employers seek professionals with PMP Certification and give preference to certified people than non-certified ones. It opens doors to newer career opportunities with better salaries. Providing enormous job opportunities is one of the many advantages and benefits PMP Certification provides you. It has been time and again notified that one with PMP Certification accreditation earns much more than a non-certified professional.

Also the chances of moving up the promotion ladder with more and more critical and important roles and responsibilities being given to the individual is observed. These professionals score well in their annual appraisals over others and take away the bulk of cream from what’s on offer for that year!

Having this liberty and honor with privilege of playing a role of Project Manager for large, complex and challenging organizations of various domains and industries and moving forward in your career only comes with having a PMP Certification under your belt.

Review of PMP Certification

In some experts opinion what is even there to review for a certification like PMP, where it’s an open secret to the world about its merits and credentials makes it add value to one’s career and help in its advancement, giving a competitive edge over others, open up new boundaries of opportunities and gain more and more salaries.

So getting PMP Certified is always advantageous and for that passing in the exam is compulsory, many institutes which are Premier ATP (Premier Authorized Training Partners) with PMI for instance SarvaShikshan® e-Learning offer training course for exam preparation and provide end-to-end support to help you reach the goal of getting PMP Certified. it not only guides you, but enhances your skillsets as a Project Manager.

Although there are certain effects a PMP Aspirant might face during his stint to do PMP Certification

  • The Level of Difficulty Factor
  • More Balancing Act on the Scheduling of the PMP Exam
  • Higher Value As Perceived In The Current Market
  • PMI Membership, Exam Fees likely to go up at any point of time
  • Choosing the right Training Partner for Exam Prep


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