What Is The Kind of Training A Project Manager Should Be Getting – Part 1


Experts say that candidates may look at this question in both ways. What quality of training and which certification. In any case, the right decision from a candidate’s point of view will be to approach the Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of PMI. That too if the institute is a Premier ATP then candidates will get added advantage of getting to solve simulation test questions which can be very much in line with the final exam questions. How much does PMP certification cost?

Changes from PMP 2021 Exam

From this year 2021, PMI has switched to the concept of ATP completely instead of having any REPs (registered Education Provider). ATPs have a compliance to adhere to strict norms and set of guidelines that makes sure a very high standard project management training. The part of ATP compliance is to also train the trainer sessions for the instructor. These training sessions train the trainers in many other certifications provided by PMI. To name a few they are Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) Certification, PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) Certification. As a result, PMI keeps a check with strict quality assurance measures and makes sure a high standard of training and education across the institute. PMP certification check.

What Powers PMP Certification

After answering the first part of your question, we come to the second question of which certification. As already stated instructors are well trained and are proficient in numerous methods, still if there is confusion about choosing which certification to go for. Then PMP is your best bet. It is kind of a universal certification most popular in the world for project management. As a result, one can grow in his or her career along with decent salary hike. As everyone is aware that PMP is a difficult exam to pass and it’s quite an achievement when one does clear it. By taking training from an ATP a candidate is ensured that he gets high quality training and support which are very vital in clearing the PMP Exam successfully. The PMP Certification is a generic and a knowledge of all project management course and an ATP will ensure to train candidates in several methodologies to prepare you for multiple situations. PMP certification cost.

Need To Be A Project Manager

This kind of practical oriented training will specially start happening from 2021 as per new and revised syllabus where it mainly focuses on the agile oriented topics involving people processes and business environment. These modern project management techniques will make sure to all prospective projects managers to become leaders in industry in 2021.

It is a very interesting question as per many; it is definitely a Yes to train an individual to become a project manager. As the very nature of project, management is following a certain structure through its processes and tools. As a result the technical skills can be taught, but the truly interesting question is can these technical skills be taught to make a good project manager? To have technical skills is a part of the job and will suffice one aspect of the total skillset required. However, it is far more challenging as processes will deliver a certain level of competency, but there is no guarantee to make an outstanding project manager out of it. PMBOK 7th edition release date.

Leadership and Communication

Leadership and communication skills are equally important to develop for a project manager. Since these skillset cannot be taught fully it’s always in one inclination that one has these qualities to become a successful project manager. Some individual can be good at technical but may not have the ability to lead and direct teams and projects. While some maybe mediocre in technical skills but very good in leadership communication and getting tasks done from team members, even these make good project managers. As everywhere, one cannot get any project management certifications without having hands on experience in project management, which is why PMI has kept an eligibility criterion of 3 years project management experience is required to do PMP Certification, if one is a graduate or a post graduate. For diploma holders the eligibility criteria changes to 5 years of direct or indirect project management or team leadership experience. In other words having an experience of leading and directing projects. PMP passing score 2022.

The important aspect to note here is to get some actual hands on experience before you qualify for doing the project management certification. You can get this experience by volunteering yourself (without the expectation of any salary) in the beginning to gain sufficient experience in the respective field

This is not going to be easy in any way, a road to travel and it’s going to get challenging by the fact that overall project management profession is undergoing a huge overhaul at the moment as a result of the influence and inclusion of agile in many projects. It has changed the dimension totally and created a new and very innovative techniques and knowledge pool in an agile project management environment. PMP pass rate.


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